Video: DioGuardi On Morning Joe Says He’s Ready for Final Stretch


joe-dioguardi[Video below.] Not to be outdone by Kirsten Gillibrand’s feature in Vogue this week, her opponent Joe DioGuardi brought a copy of his own magazine spread to the set of Morning Joe this morning. The magazine was Management Accounting, and DioGuardi’s cover turn appears to be from his time in Congress, which would mean sometime between 1985 and 1989. He was featured under the provocative headline “H.R. 4495”-a bill DioGuardi sponsored that requires C.F.O.s in government agencies.Joe Scarborough wondered why the national Republican Party hadn’t given DioGuardi any money.

“They don’t have it, and they’d rather spend it in a cheap state like West Virginia,” DioGuardi said.

Asked why no one knows he is, DioGuardi said he had coffee recently with Donald Trump, and that people would see his ads “today, tomorrow, and through the election.”

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  1. And I strongly argue that when a Hassidic jew in Iowa (no criminal record – non violant) gets 27 yrs for oversating assats (found guilty thru unfair practices by the judge and prosecuter) while a Muslim in Taxes trying to kill thousands only gets 24 yrs. This crys out for justice. I will not vote for any federal level politician who remain silent to such a failed unfair justice system.
    So the only one who gets my vote now is Anthony Weiner. Schumer and Gillibrand should be ashamed for doing nothing and remain silent. I herby ask you to do the same and to spread the word and forward this to all your friends.


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