Video: Fascinating Divrei Zikaron On the Satmar Rov zt”l

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satmar-rebbe[Video below.] Last Tuesday was the 33rd yahrtzeit of the Satmar Rov, Rav Yoel Teitelbaum zt”l. The following is a video of fascinating – and many never-before-heard – divrei zikaron about the Satmar Rov delivered at the Kerestirer Bais Medrash in Miami Beach, Florida on the yahrtzeit. The divrei zikaron were delivered by Rav Yaakov Shapiro, rov of Bais Medrash of Bayswater, NY.

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  1. Rav Shapiro is a major Talmid Chacham, and he was somehow related to the Satmar Rov Zt”l, through the Rebitzen. He was a ben bayis by the Divrei Yoel. All the old timer Satmar chasidim remember him as “the Rebitzen’s litvishe nephew”.

  2. This video is amazing! These stories that Rabbi Shapiro shares are eye-popping!

    Thanks a million for providing this video!

  3. Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro of Beis Medrash of Bayswater, in Queens New York (Far Rockaway area), a relative of the Rebbe (grandnephew through the Rebbetzin).

  4. Best hesped I ever heard in my life! It’s astounding that our generation was able to have someone so great in its midst. Thank you Rabbi Shapiro for giving us a picture of what a Malach Elokim is like!

  5. What a beautiful commentary!!!I have forwarded this clip to all my email contacts.
    One of the most outstanding attributes the Rebbe ZT”L had was his ability to relate to all – young and old, chasidish, litvish, non-religious, etc. He was so pure that he only saw the good in each individual.
    I too had the zechus to spend some time in the Rebbe’s house, and what I was most mesmerized with was the care and concern that the Rebbe and the Rebbetzin had for each other.
    Their devotion was incredible to watch.
    It is amazing to see now 33 years later how prophetic so many of the Rebbe’s words were – even to many of the naysayers of then.
    We lost a an irreplaceable Godul Hatorah!

  6. Nothing was edited out, the mistake was made in the original filming (only 3 minutes or so are missing). The full audio is available on Rav Shapiro’s website.

  7. Great shteible. Been davening there for the last 30 years, whenever I visit. Yasher Koach to the Gross family for starting & continuing the shteible. May Rabbi Efrati Shlita be Matzliach to continue keeping the shteible going for many years to come.

  8. #12 – The shaitel topic wasn’t the only thing that was left out of the video, there is about another 15 minutes to the hesped, I don’t know why the video doesn’t have them. You can get the whole speech but only in audio, here:

    The missing parts include an amazing story about the Divrei Yoel receiving Divrei Torah in his dreams!

    #12 – The shailte story is not what you think. Rav Shapiro said that in Satmar the Rebbe would pasken that shatlach are forbidden but in certain kehillos where he spoke in satmar he would tell the people that they are obligated to wear shaitach because for them it was an improvement, because kiruv is important but only on the condition that proper Jewish standards don’t get distorted because of kiruv.

    It is a totally gripping hesped, and it succeeds in showing how the satmar rav was in a class of greatness all his own.

  9. WOW is right! This is one of the best videos Matzav has ever posted. It brings out the true greatness of (as Rav Gifter said) “the Manhig hador, the Gaon Hador, the Tzadik hador”. Mitzvah L’Farsem. It’s beautifully delivered, incredibly informative, and inspiring beyond belief. Yasher Kochachem Matzav and Rav Shapiro!

  10. The Satmar Rebbe’s last letter that he ever wrote was a haskomo for one of Rabbi Shapiro’s seforim. It’s ironic that it took a Litvishe Lamdan to explain to us the greatness of the Satmar Rebbe. Kol hakavod. A truly awe-inspiring hesped.

  11. The video is phenomenal. Eye-opening in a way that begs the question, why doesn’t the average frum person know any of this about the man who was apparently considered the gadol hador by his contemporaries? Why do we not hear more about the Satmar Rav?

    #7 – The letter from Rav Chaim Kanievsky is amazing, but I liked the letter from Rabbi Greenblatt about Rav Moshe the best.

    It is related in the book “Rav Shach Speaks” that Rav Shach said the Satmar Rov was the only person the gedolim were afraid of. I think that most of the frum community has been deprived of appreciation its gadol hador. It is sad that 33 years after his petira we are just beginning to understand how great he was.

  12. #22 – The reason we don’t hear more about the Satmar Rav is obvious political reasons. When the gedolim said the Satmar Rav was moser nefesh for the emes they meant it, and his mesiras nefesh was partly that the people who fight against the truth will work hard to suppress his true greatness. The amount of propaganda spread by certain people to make sure we don’t know how great he really was is amazing.

  13. #21 & #22, I think you’re not being fair. It’s definitely true that for political reasons “they” need to suppress the greatness of the satmar rov, however that’s not the only reason this hesid is special. Even Satmar people who have no reason to try to hide anything are raving about this speech. It’s simply that Rav Shapiro, whose shmuezin I’ve heard in the past, is a genius with the rare ability to give over the complex ideas in an understandable way. He just did a phenomenal job. And he is also one of the few people still around who was a ben bayis in the satmar rov’s house. It’s just a great hesped, there’s no need to complain about the others.

  14. #24 don’t be so hard on 21 and 22 – they are 100% right. Rabbi Shapiro did a magnificent job, but the fact of the matter is that even though we all know that the Satmar Rebbe was a great Godol, and his name was always mentioned as one of the 2 Gedolei hador, nobody has an inkling of how great he really was, that he was in a class all his own, and that the Gedolim themselves said so. The Satmar Rebbe’s gadlus in the world is more “theoretical,” as if he is not “our” godol but “satmar’s”. The information given in this video is definitely purposely not spread, even though it’s incredibly informative and inspiring and reaches a whole new level of gadlus above and beyond what we thought existed in that generation. It’s almost as if the generation was robbed of its greatest treasure because of the propaganda people who wanted zionism to be legitimate.

    I’m extremely glad that Matzav posted this video. I feel like someone who is getting back a valuable treasure that has been stolen from him. The inspiration and insight that one can gain from this greatest of many greats, is invaluable in today’s world.


  16. Listening to this hesped is like having blinders lifted from one’s eyes. I started a seder in Vayoel Moshe recently because of this speech.

  17. marvelous!!! Thank you, for posting this, it is so true and amazing. i wish this should be mandatory for the young generation to see maybe it will instill in them better values and ehrlichket


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