Video: Donald Trump On Brussels: I Told You So

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Donald Trump was quick to revive his criticism of Brussels following a wave of attacks on the city today.

The presidential hopeful tweeted: “Do you remember how beautiful and safe a place Brussels wss [sic]. Not anymore, it is a different world! U.S. must be vigilant and smart!”

A short time later he appeared on Fox & Friends, on the Fox News channel, saying “we have a situation worldwide that is out of control.”

Asked if he was right about Brussels, Trump said: “Of course I’m right. Just turn on the television … Brussels is a disaster. And it’s been a disaster.”

“If you went into Brussels 20 years ago it was like a magical city. Now you look at it, it’s an armed camp. I’m just looking at your pictures on television right now, it’s horrible.”

He said that “countries better get smart fast, because they’re just disintegrating. Brussels, I have friends who live in Brussels, they say the place is literally disintegrating.”




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