Video: Donald Trump’s ‘America First’ Foreign Policy Explained


Trump foreign policy adviser and Fox News contributor Walid Phares responds to critics.




  1. There is no substance to the video. Mr. Arab foreign advisor Walid Phares does NOT explain Mr. Trump’s foreign policy, but compares the fact that Mr. Trump is clueless and needs a lot of help, to President Obama, who was in the same boat when he entered the White House. And we all know how well that approach is working.

    Hashem Yishmor.

  2. “America First” was the motto of the isolationists in the 1930s who wanted to prevent America from doing anything about the increasing Nazi threat. Trump revealed a team of isolationist foreign policy advisors a week ago while demanding that countries to which the US has sent foreign aid — including Israel — repay that money. That he got standing ovations at AIPAC is a sad commentary on AIPAC attendees.


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