Video: Driver Learns The Hard Way Why You Should Never, Ever Tailgate

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Don’t tailgate.

In a video that resembles one from driver’s ed, a motorist was caught on camera tailgating on I-41 in Wisconsin on Thursday, reports the Huffington Post.

The driver in front tapped the brakes — which also wasn’t the safest move — forcing the tailgater to slam her own brakes. The video showed what happened next:

{ Newscenter}


  1. There was a frum woman from Lakewood who was R”L killed a few years ago when someone forced her off the highway. Thanks to some driver who decided to “get her” or “teach her a lesson” there are now several motherless children. I hope the driver in this video who thought it was appropriate to recklessly hit the brakes to “teach a lesson” to the tailgater gets caught and does some jail time.
    And yes, the tailgater was also a jerk and deserved a big fat ticket and possibly a suspended license.

  2. I always have a desire to slam my brakes when someone is tailgating me close behind and teach the person a lesson, but I refrain from potential damage to my car and to lives.

  3. Eli, if you are being tailgated out near Waukesah, WI- switch lanes- there is rarely traffic. I live in Milwaukee, and used to work in Waukesha- a suburb.


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