Video: Fiveish Goes Through Airport Security


fiveish[Featured video.] With all the hoopla over the screenings and patdowns by TSA agents at the country’s airports, our good friend Fiveish visited an airport to head off to Eretz Yisroel to visit his cousins, the¬†Shekels. But things didn’t turn out pretty as agents wished to frisk him. See the Matzav Featured Video section to watch.

 { Newscenter}


  1. Oorah always is the leader in marketing and in producing great wholesome entertainment!!! keep it up.

    I am also curious how they did this w/o getting arrested?!?!? did they really go to an airport?

  2. oorah just doesn’t stop just when you think they did it all they keep on putting out creative marketing ideas kol hakavod to them. they for sure put the same koach and Kishron into the children and family’s they work with.

  3. maybe you should get arrested for saying something like that-come on, common sense, it was arranged by oorah- oorah if you don’t know is a wonderful kiruv organization with big rabbanim backing it-
    -yungerman from—


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