Video: Flying “People” Near Statue of Liberty Stuns New Yorkers

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flying-people-nyc[Video below.] This past weekend, a promotion for a new superhero film actually did convince some New Yorkers that human beings had taken to the skies.

What looked to be three people were spotted flying around the skies of lower Manhattan last Friday, causing a lot of double-takes and dropped jaws from onlookers. But while it appeared to be a sight straight out of a comic book, it was actually a clever bit of viral marketing for this a film called “Chronicle.” Those aren’t people in the air, but some very intricately designed radio-controlled airplanes. Watch the video of their flight below, and keep reading to learn how it was done.

The film tells the story of three high school students who discover they have superpowers, including the ability to fly. To promote it, the studio called on Thinkmodo, a company that specializes in creating viral sensations. They first made a splash with a video that seemed to show a man using an invention to hack into the video screens in Times Square.

James Percelay, the co-founder of Thinkmodo, said he and his partner Michael Krivicka were approached by 20th Century Fox and they hatched a plan to do a live event they would also film for a viral video. Percelay said they received approval for the project just three weeks ago. They employed model airplane builders in Oregon, Pennsylvania, and New York to build the three featured planes and two back-ups.

Percelay said, “The planes are highly sophisticated dacron/carbon fiber, battery-powered, radio-controlled units,” each with over 200 parts. Percelay described the individual pieces as being “light and delicate as potato chips.” Their “flying people” are six feet tall, but they weigh only four pounds. The aircraft were all built in a week, half the time it would normally take to construct them.

Percelay wouldn’t reveal exactly who was piloting the planes in the video, only to say “[They] are expert AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) members with amazing skills.” They practiced flying for two days in Long Island before taking them out for a spin in New York. According to the Los Angeles Times, the three people-planes made six trips over the Hudson River, each lasting only five minutes due to the short lives of their batteries. One flyer did take a tumble into the river and had to be fished out by the NYC Harbor Patrol.

In an age when we assume everything we see has been digitally manipulated in one way or another, it is especially impressive to watch real aircraft being piloted to such an amazing effect.

Percelay said that the spectators in New York — notoriously a hard-to-impress bunch — were uniformly astounded by the flying people. He said, “We loved that nobody felt threatened by them since their movements were so life-like and graceful… A number of people said it looked like an ‘aerial ballet.'”

Click below to see a video of the “people” in flight:

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  1. a promotion for a new superhero film actually did convince some New Yorkers that human beings had taken to the skies

    I had always thought that New Yorkers were no better than Chelmites.

  2. Those things could easily be filled with explosives and flown into buildings or landmarks. I just hope they’re not getting us used to it and then……..!!!

  3. Can matzav please stop posting youtube videos, and instead download them as you used to? For those with a filter, we’ve been unable to watch most of the videos you’ve posted lately. Or can you post these videos in the featured video section as well?


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