Video: From the 1937 Yiddish Film, “The Dybbuk”

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[thedybbuk1937Video below.] In light of the recent attention being paid to an alleged dybbuk inside a Brazilian avreich, a story covered at length on, we share, for sheer amusement, a clip of the 1937 Yiddish film, “The Dybbuk.” The Dybbuk, or Between Two Worlds (דער דיבוק אדער צווישן צוויי וועלטן) is a 1914 play by S. Ansky, relating the story of a young kallah possessed by a dybbuk on the eve of her wedding.

Click below to watch:

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  1. This is evidence of the destruction of our heritage. Why are these men not participating in the service? The men in my shul don’t chat and wait for it to be over so they can get on with their business. The films produced in the twentieth century have done more harm to corrupt the undereducated immigrants and their descendants than many previous holocosts.This is not “entertainment” it is a form of genocide.

  2. CHACHOMIM:The unborn girl who was pledged to the unborn boy marries him AGAINST the mysterious man’s warning. Some 18 -20 years down the line on the eve of her Chasuna she is infected with a dybbuk-presumably the mystery man himself.

    To #3-
    ANswer #1-Obviously this is a frum shul, and the frummer the shul, we all know, the more talking
    Answer #2-Obviously this must be a Shul of Baalei Teshuva, since there are only two people talking and they seem to be FFB’s.(how do I know?-well, they’re speaking Yiddish, of course!)
    ANswer #3-If this (operatic Chazzonus)is indicative of the davening of those days, then it is surprising that they ALL aren’t talking. It is easy to see why the LAMED_VOV_TZADDIKIM don’t daven there.


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