Video: Frum Woman and Child Targets of Stone-Throwing Attack in Flatbush

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A frum woman and her six-year old child were the targets of a stone-throwing attack in Flatbush, Brooklyn, yesterday afternoon.

The shocking incident took place on Nostrand Avenue, near the corner of Avenue J.

At about 5 p.m., two African-American teenagers hurled the rocks at the Chrysler minivan being driven by the woman.

Her child was seated in the back seat.

The two thugs reportedly yelled anti-Semitic insults as they carried out their attack, throwing stones at the back driver’s side window, which shattered.

Boruch Hashem, neither the woman or her daughter were injured.

Because of the anti-Semitic remarks made by the assailants, the NYPD is investigating the attack as a hate crime.

One of the suspects – caught on video surveillance, which can be seen below – is described a 14-year-old teen, 5’6″, 130 pounds, with black hair. He was last seen wearing a black t-shirt, blue jeans, and black sneakers.




  1. 40+ years ago on the long summer evenings, some italian youths used to drive by the Yeshiva and throw rocks at the windows.

    A couple of the bochurim desired to make a ‘vigilante’ group to be prepared to confront and stop them.

    R’ Shmuel Berenbaum told them emphatically: “no”


    “If you use fisticuffs ,they’ll subsequently respond with knives..
    If you use knives ,they’ll subsequently respond with guns..
    If you use guns ,they’ll subsequently respond with bombs…
    It’s not for us to attempt to use Eisav’s methods.

    We’re in golus”

  2. ISIS is behind every attack – through excitement and incitement. Soon chv”sh they’ll open training camps here to begin the stone throwing education even younger.

    Hashem Yishmor

  3. This is just the world going back to the way it always was. We always heard about Yidden being attacked back in Europe and even her in the USA. After the war, things quieted down a bit because people felt bad, but now the world is just going back to its natural state. Going after Yidden in personal attacks like this and nationally against Israel. That’s not to say that we don’t have to do all we can to prevent giving them any more reasons to do what they really are naturally wired to do. We are in Golus and we have to lie low, not act like we own the world and we can do whatever we want to do. And not commit crimes that will land us in jail!!!

  4. I am sure de blasio’s best friend Al Sharpton will condemn this and march against it. Where are all the “insiders” with the NYPD and the mayor now?

  5. not sure why this is so ‘shocking’. frankly I find it more shocking that we live so close to these people with such relative peace.


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