Video: Gilad Shalit – Who’s Blurring the Lines?


shalit2[Important video below.] The international media is both subtly and overtly blurring the lines between Israel and Hamas, equating terrorists with the Israel Defense Forces and manipulating the public’s view by distorting the difference between good and evil.

In this powerful video, Ari Abramowitz, Jeremy Gimpel, Eli Ben-Ze’ev & The Land of team expose the true story behind the Gilad Shalit prisoner swap.

Click below to watch:

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{ Israel}


  1. powerfull….but way too fast. did not pause enough to let the message sink in. I would like to see a much longer expose on this to be spread on utube….

  2. I was holding back tears watching this video. Such a true video yet the world does not see. Or do they really see thee truth and not care?

  3. the answer to all of this is that “we are in golus! we are in golus! we are in golus! Its all part of the “hester panim” it hurts but its all part of the golus so do not expected any “yashris” from the non-jewish world.

  4. The world is sick…but Hashem is not ready for them to see the truth. Everything is Min Hashumayim…even that. When we will be zoicha to the Geula…throught repentance and good deeds, through genuine achdus, and ahavas yisroel…to people who don’t make ugly comments about their fellow jews, be they religious or not….who hope for the salvation of all yidden….then they will see it for what it is. A a G….dly Nation of compassion, caring and loving kindness.Until then, Hashem blinds their eyes to us….
    So….each in our way…lets march forward !!

  5. Is it that complicated to figure out who is distroying the world and who is building the world here? May H-shem bring down the media

  6. #11 bad producing and editting???maybe the first thing we have to do is look at our our flaws: as in “My spelling is less than perfect”!!!

  7. I herd meny asking if it paid to let go gilat for 1000 terrorists the answer is simple #1 no one will wana serve the army if thay know that thay are not worth much (but for us it’s not the best thing to let go 1000 terrists)#2 I have a small Q. I just wana know this can make hammas just more hungry for more people if thay get for each 1 .1000 terrosts #3 the terrorists won’t be so scared anymore becose thay know that lifejail isn’t real life jail…pls answer if you have what to! Now tha main thing we see that hashem is the boss he does what he want life jail isn’t life jail free isn’t free just hashem makes the desition!

  8. this video is spectacular and undeniably true. the bottom line is that we are hated, we were hated and we will always be hated, till moshiach comes.


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