Video: Giuliani Blasts Obama for Attending Baseball Game While Brussels Burned

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  1. he plays golf when Americans are hurting, plays baseball when Europe is at war, goes to Cuba & Argentina when he’s supposed be doing his job, couldn’t care about American citizens………………………..

  2. Giuliani is completely off here. Attending the game showed that we do not fear terrorists. And to skip the game would have been a snub to all Cubans, who are fanatic about baseball.

    nfgo13 is off here, too. Visiting other countries is part of the job of the President, especially when he is trying to get the other country to behave better. And in the case of Cuba the efforts have partly paid off — Cuba no longer requires exit visas to leave the country and the government has somewhat relaxed its ironclad grip on the economy. A Cuba that is more a part of the world is good for American citizens!

  3. You are the racists. You are only saying your hurtful mean spirited comments because President Obama is a black. You would never say the same if the President was white.

  4. If this was a regular ball game or other recreational activity Giuliani would be correct, but in this case the game was a scheduled activity of a diplomatic trip, so it was appropriate for him to stick to the plan and attend.


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