Video: Glenn Beck on the Itamar Murders: “What Kind of Monster Can Butcher an Infant?”

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glen-beck[Video below.] Glenn Beck of FoxNews presented, in his program on March 14, a moving and obviously heartfelt analysis of the murders of Udi and Ruth Fogel, and their children Yoav (11), Elad (4), and Hadas (3 months old).

Beck particularly decried that the butchering of this young family provoked celebrations and the passing out of sweets in Gaza (a traditional form of celebrating a happy event in the Arab world). Beck asked “What kind of monster can butcher an infant?” and concluded the segment by warning:

There is great and powerful evil in the world, but there is great and powerful light as well. Get into the light and stand in it, because evil is growing rapidly.

Here is the video of the segment:

[media id=1104 width=400 height=300]

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  1. well said! I was hoping you would show the pictures, the world needs to see!!!! and hear!!!! Call radio stations get the word out!

  2. Remember, because he opposes the liberal agenda, he’s an anti-semite. And what makes this the absolute truth? Because the ADL says so, and if you disagree with the ADL, than you hate the Jews. (obvious sarcasm, but this is the faulty logic used by the left).

    May the memory of the slain righteous be for a blessing.

  3. The answer is a kind of monster that comes from a sick culture of death worship. It’s essentially a monster factory in the W. Bank and Gaza.

  4. Well said. Perhaps all the negative stories about great people like Glenn Beck should not be posted again. He said it the way it should be said. We can’t speak. We can only weep.

  5. What kind of monster, you ask? Why, the kind of vile, heartless creature that is completely devoid of humanity, that the Israelis are pushed to negotiate with for peace. They have proven time and time again that they are subhuman life forms that should be ERADICATED LIKE ROACHES!
    (My apologies to the Roach Species.)

  6. Re Horrified: the family had a reason for releasing the pictures. Not everyone needs to see them; those who do can easily come across them.


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