Video: Graphic Footage of Ma’ale Adumim Terror Attack

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Footage has emerged of the Friday morning terror attack against a security guard in Ma’ale Adumim.

21-year-old Saadi Ali Abu Ahmad of the al-Eizariya village, located next to Ma’ale Adumim, attacked 48-year-old Tvika Cohen with an ax. Cohen was taken to Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center in Yerushalayim.

Watch footage of the attack here (Warning: Graphic):

David Steger – Israel News Bureau


  1. Here you go again matzav…with graphic footage.
    No, I havent watched it..No, you should show respect for victims and respect their honor and dignity..No, I don’t wanna see my fellow jew down for the count, does anyone here?
    Can we have a show of hands?

  2. Dear Matzav,

    No. 1 Did your Rav say that it is permissible to show this graphic footage??

    No. 2. Don’t you think that such footage can desensitize a person?

    No. 3. Arutz sheva decided not to show this video.

  3. I don’t want to see it… but the situation is getting out of hand… half a year of daily stabbings and business goes on as usual… no prayer rallies… no talk of how crazy this all is… maybe we do need some shock treatment…

  4. Quite frankly quit the whining people. This is happening you can’t censor your whole life. Don’t watch it if you dont like it but let matzav post the news!

  5. then maybe its time we started doing TESHUVA already? YOU decide for yourself with your brothers-myself included- when your ready for the tzaros to end R”L

  6. It’s an absolute must watch! Tou don’t see any faces just vicious savagery that the world says is Israel’s fault!
    Where’s the guy from Italy?
    Where’s the blind Moon? Where’s the golfer from Pennsylvania Avenue?

  7. Seforim hakdoshim say that one should not see violence because it weakens the rachmanus factor from the viewer. Matzav being run by the iron fisted just doesn’t care.

  8. Why are there no major protests in front of Natanyahu’s house or the knesset. The words,NEVER AGAIN doesnt resonate with you?
    Does it have to come to mass killings or is every nefesh not worth something?

  9. Are you aware that the family requested that this footage not be shown? The injured man’s brother points out, where is the heart of someone who would make this footage available so that the eight-year-old son of the victim should have access to it? For shame. (And no, I did not watch it!)


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