Video: Greenfield Goes on Fox 5 News to Defend Teen Using Tefillin on Flight, Denounces Racial & Religious Profiling

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david-greenfield[Video below.] New York City Council candidate David G. Greenfield defended the use of peaceful religious practices in light of the emergency landing of US Air Flight 3079 when a Jewish teen was using tefillin during davening on the plane, and denounced the practice of racial and religious profiling.

“It becomes more and more clear that when a Jew is putting on tefillin, or when a Christian is reading from a Bible, or when a Muslim is praying, those people are just trying to practice their faith peacefully,” said Greenfield. “Public safety policy should be based on legitimate and proven law enforcement techniques and intelligence gathering. We can’t stop a flight for every Jew with tefillin or Christian with a bible, especially when they have had their carry-on items x-rayed.”

US Air Flight 3079 was headed from New York to Louisville, Kentucky last week when a teenage pulled out the religious item for his morning prayers. The flight crew notified the pilot, who decided to make an emergency landing in Philadelphia. The teen, who was cooperative the entire time, was held for questioning by local and federal law-enforcement authorities, then allowed to continue his trip when it was clear the tefillin, and his peaceful prayers, were harmless.

“Racial and religious profiling is not only ineffective, it is also un-American. We need to focus our law enforcement resources on concrete evidence or intelligence, not someone’s skin color or religion,” said Greenfield.

Greenfield, an experienced attorney and acclaimed community advocate, is running in the 44th Council District to replace Councilman Simcha Felder, who is vacating his seat to become a Deputy Comptroller in the New York City Comptroller’s office. The 44th Council District includes the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Boro Park, Midwood and Bensonhurst.

To watch video of Greenfield’s appearance on Fox 5 News, click below:

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  1. Greenfield should stick to Boro Park politics
    and stay out of security issues.

    There is a difference between somebody praying on a plane quietly and another person
    standing up all of a sudden to declaim religious verses or don religious paraphernalia
    few people are familiar with—outside the local religious community.

    “Religious and racial profiling is not only ineffective, it is also un-American.”

    It is not the only factor but it is
    a legitimate consideration for security
    personnel and it can save lives. (That statement made by Greenfield is silly political posturing. Greenfield just lost my
    Of course there is nothing dangerous about donning Tefillin. We Orthodox Jews know
    that. But our non-Jewish neighbors are not familiar with this ritual. (It is understandable why a gentile flight attendant
    might get frightened seeing somebody
    putting on objects with wires that look
    strange. This incident was no kiddush HaShem;
    at best it was the result of human error.)

    It is wrong for Greenfield to make
    a fuss about this. As King Solomon writes in
    Ecclesiastes: “There is a time to remain

    Our planes and buses shouldn’t be
    arbitrarily turned into houses of worship.
    (People have a right to pray quietly and
    unobtrusively. It is of dubious value—if
    not plumb annoying—when such
    ostentatious conduct occurs in public—
    especially on planes. (Even Obama said:
    “We’re at war.” Doesn’t Greenfield read

    “We need to focus our law enforcement
    resources on concrete evidence or
    intelligence, not on somebody’s religion
    or skin color,” says Greenfield spouting
    liberal political correctness.

    Of course law enforcement should
    focus on concrete evidence but to
    rule out the other factors is plain
    stupid. Erring on the side of caution
    such cases is appropriate. Given
    the heightened tension, undergoing
    certain inconveniences at times is

    Don’t elect anyone who is soft on
    this issue. At least Lazar, the other
    candidate, is focusing on local
    issues of interest to the voters. (I
    am still not endorsing anyone.)

  2. David G. Greenfield’s statement that we see from this incident that “profiling” doesn’t work is the exact opposite of what logic dictates. It is only because the society has been brainwashed and ingrained with the ridiculous and dangerous anti-profiling ethos that this indecent saw the light of day. The profile of that 17 year old American white Jewish HS pupil sitting next to his 16 year old sister of like background through strict profiling would have reassured the flight crew and passengers that he was telling the truth to the flight attendant when he EXPLAINED to her about his Tefilin, and that neither he or the Tefilin were any kind of threat. But because she and the pilot REFUSED to profile thereby ignoring the profile of the individual, and only they focused strictly on the unfamiliar object that they panicked and diverted the plane.

  3. that is atterly pathetic, they need to be responsible what the shailah, if they want to kknow what it is ask? Unless it looks like an explosive :):(

  4. Right on!!! Mr. Greenfield is correct and the airline should have given the flight crew instructions on many different religious customs often performed on flights through out the US, this is just a wake up call. GOOD MORNING AMERICA


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