Video: Haitians Sing Heveinu Shalom Aleichem With Zaka Volunteers

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haiti6[Video below.] In a surreal moment captured on camera, tens of local Haitians expressed their gratitude to the ZAKA volunteers who have been working round the clock since their arrival in the disaster area on Friday – by singing Heveinu Shalom Aleichem in Hebrew.

ZAKA International Rescue Unit Head Mati Goldstein, Chief Operating Officer Dovie Maisel and volunteer Dano Monkotavitz taught the locals the tune and the words in Hebrew and together, they took time out from the grim reality around them to sing together.

Click below to watch:

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{Yair Israel}


  1. is what im seeing here ritzinus or badchonus? are you really ripping on the tzadikim of zaka for being “mechalel shabbos??!?!?!” dont you know that being mesilas nefesh is doiche shmiras shabbos, EVEN FOR GOYIM? did they teach derech eretz in your chader?

  2. #1- Oh, put a sock in it already. These volunteers are doing a bigger Kiddush Hashem and more chessed in their short time there than you or I will ever do in our whole lives.

  3. Meikar hadin not only is it assur to be mechallel shabbos to save a nochri, meikar hadin it is assur to save a nochri (i.e. from drowning, etc.) even on a weekday!

    Mishum eivah it is possible (though not necessarily) one or both of the above principles can be waived. But that is a heter from deviating from meikar hadin. It is always best to follow meikar hadin.

  4. If there is even a remote safek that there may be a yid there, they are required to go, even on Shabbos. And there are some there.

    Mishum eivah is meikar hadin. And the mishna says mefarnisin aniyei akum im aniyei yisroel mipnai darchei shalom, etc.


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