Video: Hamas Posts New Shalit Video


shalit[Video below.] A new video was posted on the internet by Hamas today, shows kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit flanked by two gunmen on either side. The clip ends with the sound of gunfire. In the video one of the men holds a rifle while the other removes various items from a case. Between them is the image of Gilad Shalit, as he appeared in a previous video made public one year ago.

After a few moments the screen goes dark, and a phrase appears on the screen: “Will the mission be completed?” it says. Then gunshots are sounded.

The film was not the first to be released by the terror organization responsible for kidnapping the soldier. The previous propaganda clip was posted on a website belonging to Hamas’s military wing in June.

It showed an Israeli tank on the border with Gaza, and a drone flying through the air above. Then the tank, in which Shalit is located, blows up. “The illusion is shattered,” says the screen.

The website’s homepage displays a timeline ranging from June 25, 2006 – when Shalit was kidnapped – until today. Next to 2010 it says, “Four years and Gilad is still ours.”

Click below to watch the video:

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  1. Israel should declare that if shalit is not returned in:
    3 days- gaza will be sieged.
    4 days- no more power untill he returns.

    AND if shalit is harmed in any way shape or form, the following leader will be executed or chased their whole lives….

    the palestinians will be begging hamas to relase gilad, and theyll think twice before kidnapping.

    We have to stop being so nice.

  2. i hope gilad shalit will be saved already maybe we should start davening with more kavana so that with hashems help he will be released

  3. they are so evil. he is getting schar because the world is (SLOWLY)learning how evil those hamas are.
    they don’t know though,the hebrew meaning of hamas, if they only did.
    bring that precious son, child, soldier HOME, please with HaShem’s help.

  4. There is absolutely nothing wrong with #1 spooked out’s grammar!

    Nevertheless, BOTH of you (#2 hello included) might make an effort and use the shift key occasionally.

    But none of this does a scintilla of good to return Gilad Schalit to his parents, his family and his own country.

  5. Commenter no. 2 wrote “where is your grammar #1” (sic).

    Number one’s grammar is just fine! What is completely missing is punctuation. But this is true for you, too, commenter no. 2, not having used an upper case “W” at the beginning of your sentence and a question mark at the end.

    You know what they say about people living in punctuation-less glass houses, don’t you?

  6. #2, #1’s grammar is fine. It’s his punctuation that needs correcting. But then, again, so does yours. Where is your question mark? And why are you nit-picking (2 days after yom kippur?)

  7. #3: I didn’t know I was being monitored by the grammar police.Please tell me what the charges are against me. I hope my errors are not as egregious as your and #2’s lack of punctuation.

  8. #2 – A fellow yid is held captive by terrorists and all you’re worried about is #1’s grammar? Shame on you! Maybe you should start davening and worrying about yourself before criticizing others. At least #1 has rachmanus on Gilad. Tsk, tsk.


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