Video: Hatzolah of Boro Park Releases Powerful, Graphic Video Ahead of Upcoming Event

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hatzolah-of-boro-park[Video below.] The renowned Hatzolah of Boro Park will be holding its annual Chinese auction on May 19, 20 and 21 at the Ateres Golda ballroom in Boro Park. The two-day event for women will feature guest speaker Rabbi Paysach J. Krohn, a guest performance by Rachel Factor, and much more. Organizers tell that the separate events for men and women will be riveting and entertaining, as money is raised to support this lifesaving organization.

Ahead of the event, Hatzolah has released a powerful, and graphic, video depicting the emergency work of the selfless Hatzolah volunteers.

Click below to watch. Warning – Graphic images:

[media id=1408 width=600 height=450]

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. Seems staged
    the blood on the man seemed staged…not sure though. How was it that someone was there quite at the moment…camera angled in exactly???not sure, though.
    We all know the need is great. We all give to the best of our ability.
    Just always making people feel bad if they can’t give more than they do. And that goes for all organizations. We are going through tough times. We are strapped for money on all fronts…
    Let’s go…give and Hashem will do the rest.

  2. How was it filmed. I assume that the scenes were constructed — it is not likely that cameras were at just the right angles to make this film.

  3. done very well and very moving.
    it may be very graphic but maybe thats whats needed to get the message across to people, maybe people need to be shook up a little, need to experience reality in order to feel the need to support a cause. even one as worthy as this one.

  4. This is very disturbing. Overkill, voyeuristic sensationalism. It’s in very poor taste and a disservice to a wonderful organization to air this. Some adult with sense at Matzav should take it off.

  5. amazing. in passaic it is traditional for hatzolah to arrive b-4 911. i just witnissed an accident and hatzolah come b-4 911 2 days agoi in passaic

  6. What is wrong with all you faint hearted whimps? Are you opposed to Holocaust images as well? Sometimes in life, things need to be viewed the way it is. It will do noone service for Hatzolah to make a video of the volunteers being on a call for a kid that scratched his leg, or an adult that had a headache. These are calls that they go on, on a daily basis. They save lives that way. They want to convey to the public the real life scenerios that they endure every day. And they cannot do it without our support. So kol hakavoid to all those that acted, yes it was an act, but its what they experience every day. lets support Hatzolah more than ever!!!

  7. Anonymous, I agree with you. That blood did not look real! Not the color or the way it was dripping. I dont think in such an emergency situation someone would come out with his video camera to get a bleeding guy on camera!

  8. And I just noticed that the boy under the car has 2 shoes on and then one shoe is in the middle of the street???!!! So that was definitly staged!! Not as graphic when you think of it as staged.

  9. # 17 . you missed the point ! Since the boy under the car had both of his shoes on must be there is anothe victim ! That’s why Hatzolah member was looking for another boy that was found towards the end of the video. It’s not the point if it’s staged or not, it’s definitely staged and it was professionaly made by “On Time Studios” .

  10. To numbers 7,8,15,16,17…
    Isn’t it quite stupid to argue whether or or not it was staged? Who cares? You guys are all just MISSING THE BOAT!!!!


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