Video: “He’s Not a Chardak! He’s My Father!”

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Unfortunately, there are Israeli children – hopefully a rare breed – who curse at chareidi soldiers in Israel. There are some who cross red lines.

This is what happened when two children shouted “Chardak” at an Israeli soldier who had his little daughter by his side.

In a clip of the incident, one can hear the little girl, standing next to her father, reply softly, “He’s not a chardak. He’s my father!”


David Steger – Israel


  1. How appropriate to show such sinas chinam and ingratitude right before Tisha B’Av.

    May Hashem watch over and protect those who put their lives in danger while protecting their brethren.

  2. These kids parents are to blame
    I wish it was only kids.
    I was in Yerushalayim and saw a bunch of chevreh ages 20 and those with graying beards screaming at this frum chayal.
    What do they want from this poor guy? Do they really think that if he is intimated by them and goes back to kollel to draft dodging he and his children will have a greater chayei olam habah?
    He made his decision let him be, he isn`t the enemy he is an ally.
    People can drei the “oib es tut vei shreit men” for any matter.
    What we know is that the Chachmei Yerushalayim and Bnei Brak have seen many religious chayalim and not a one has ever been mevazeh them boRabim .

  3. Just as Arabs who hurt IDF soldiers are punished, the same standards should be held for others.

    Destroy their family homes. Close-off their communities. Deport them.

  4. We are coming to the three weeks – one of the reasons there has not been a third bais hamikdash – sinas chinum – how does a person like that call themselves religious and frum – and to speak to a soldier who defends him.
    It is a sad commentary on Kllal Yisroel.

  5. Mr. Anonymous, really? That’s your reaction – upset that Matzav shared this clip?
    I am so sad to see what is happening to the chinuch in Eretz Yisroel. As a menahel in a Yeshivashe chedder, this would definitely be addressed.
    Children who behave like this show a tremendous deficiency with numerous middos.
    Sad. Very sad.

  6. I think everyone should try to understand that whether right or wrong their whole society from top to bottom truly believes that the government and especially the army is just out to make everyone not frum and over 70 years ago they made a separation between themselves and the govt. and they have just kept it up until now, now they see that the barriers are coming down- frum people in the army- and according to their hashkafa it is terrible. Hence, they teach their children that it is the worst thing- yes even worse than screaming at a fellow jew because in their eyes this jew is causing many yidden to go off the derech. So before we ourselves start hating other yidden for the sake of “sinas chinam”let us try to understand them and maybe even try to talk to them but please stop the antisemitism.

  7. Dear sg. They can think whatever they want about how going to the army is worst than embarrassing people on the street who are עושה מעשה עמך. Muslims also act because of great religious emotions, but believe it or not we are supposed to be different. We have a Torah, a Torah which includes many different opinions of מורי הוראה within the boundaries of the שלחן ערוך. It’s very simple to me as should be to anyone, that in essence these people as an ‘unorthodox’ as can be. Not that I at all believe in the IDF, חס ושלום, but I do believe that it isn’t that simple of a matter that renders them אינו עושה מעשה עמך. If anything, these people are more אינו עושה מעשה עמך with their total disregard of any Halacha or basic Derech Eretz. Even if these soldiers were אינו עושה מעשה עמך you still owe them הכרת הטוב – And you, don’t fall in the same shallow trap.


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