Video: Hillary Ad Shows Chassidim While Voiceover Says, “We Don’t Sound the Same Either”

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  1. The Clintons are the lowest of the low. They will stoop to anything in order to steal a few votes. How a Frum Yid can vote for this machshefa, is beyond me.

  2. I hate Hilary, but this headline is absurd. The voiceover saying “and we don’t sound the same” is quite obviously referring to the Spanish speaking fellow.

  3. The only video that they found of Chassidim is with a background of an abandoned and shuttered shop, with a broken fire hydrant on the side and a couple of garbage cans laying around after a pickup.

  4. This ad is not unifying at all.

    The speech at AIPAC was a disaster, the history, the email probe.

    How can she lead a country that supposed to be the leader of the world? How about actually unifying us?

    This ad intended to unify, however the truth be told. Acknowledging we’re different is a sign for disaster!

    Let’s all stand for DONALD J TRUMP 2016 – CRUZ 2016

  5. Crass accusation really. It shows the chassids on the sidewalk and then when she completes her commentary that we do not sound the same, it shows a foreign felt voice perhaps from a proprietor. I do not think this feels like an attack on the chassidic structure and she is intelligent. Still, it was indeed nice she added the jewish chassidic voices and walking humility of our yidden. I think it enhances her campaign.

    Still, the really agitated onlooker looking for a mind game to play with our trust will attack the world that has a role for a woman in politics. Her choice of the moment in the film does not seem auspicious and noting the angry actionable random complied complaint in this story, I would assume that the insinuation is not just to attack Hillary but create an atmosphere of antisemitic and antichassidic factors in our society.

    This is not our way as jews and we have rights to consider that happiness is actually being recognized.

    This was a good ad.


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