Video: Hillary Puts On Fake Southern Accent for Memphis Crowd

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hillaryHillary Clinton campaigned in Memphis, Tennessee yesterday and Huma Abedin didn’t forget to pack the candidate’s fake southern accent.

It took Clinton only about 50 seconds to unpack it before a crowd at LeMoyne-Owen College.

“I gotta tell you,” Hillary said with a distinct drawl, “I loved coming to Memphis in the past.

“You know, I didn’t live too far away for a long time, just across the river. Do we have anybody from Arkansas here toniiiiight?” she asked.

“Now, after the 2008 election, then president-elect Obama called me and asked me to come see him in Chicagooooo,” Clinton said.

“I didn’t know what he wanted. Turned out he wanted me to be secretary of staaaate.

“But before we talked about that, he said to me, ‘It’s so much worse than they told us.’ I said, ‘Mr. President-Elect, that’s exactly what my husband said to me after that election in 1992,” she said, with the southern drawl seemingly coming and going during her remarks.

It’s of course not the first time Clinton adopted a southern accent for a southern audience.

About a month ago, Clinton was campaigning in Hoover, Alabama in — miraculously — the accent made an appearance.

“You know, when my husband became president thanks to a lot of you in this room, I remember after that election in ’92, him sayin’ to me, ‘It’s so much worse than they told us,’” she said at the Alabama Democratic Conference.

“The debt in our country has been quadrupled in the prior 12 years, the deficits had exploded. And so he had to roll up his sleeves and work hard.”


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  1. She will never make it.

    The biggest lump of baggage she would bring to the White House is one called “Bill.”

    doesn’t belong in the White House.

  2. I’m no fan of Hillary or any democrats but this headline is just nitpicking at nothing at all. I watched the video and did not detect a southern accent, fake or otherwise. If you have to lie to show your against Hillary that gives the impression that you don’t have any real issues to bring up. There’s plenty we have to criticize about Hillary Clinton. There’s no need to bring silly, invalid issues.

  3. Yes, it is Hillary’s time. She waited very patiently. First we had our first black President and now its time for our first female President. If you dare criticize her you will be accused of creating a war on women. I say, the Government should save the taxpayers a whole lot of money and cancel the election process and just coronate Hillary and let her get a head start for the betterment of the Nation.


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