Video: Monsey: Hundreds Protest at Orange & Rockland Headquarters to Restore their Power

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monsey-o-and-r-protest[Video below.] Monsey, NY – Yesterday hundreds of Monsey and Spring Valley residents protested at the Orange & Rockland Utility Company headquarters, requesting that their electrical power be restored after being in the dark for over four days since the Shabbos storm that wreaked havoc on millions.

Click below to watch:

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{Noam Newscenter}


  1. It is good to see former politicians like Ryan Karben exploiting this. Who knows, maybe he will run for office again citing this demonstration as an example of how he gets things done.

  2. Hundreds?? It looks like maybe thirty people in the video (unless there was a giant crowd before or after that wasn’t there when the video was taken).

    ???? ??? ???? – even if the cause is good.

  3. power is something dangerous, as the monsey community unfortunately experienced to close to home not that long ago with the terrible tragedy during Hurricane Irene. I do not think orange and rockland hates the residents, and is laughing at everyone in the cold and dark. Rather maybe they are taking every safety precaution before restoring power. I don’t really know.


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