Video: Ich Hub Gevart Performed by Levy Falkowitz, A Team and Shira Choir

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The A Team Symphony presents “Ich Hub Gevart,” featuring Levy Falkowitz accompanied by The Shira Choir at a recent event at Terrace on the Park in Queens, NY.

This song was composed by Reb Yom Tov Ehrlich z’l and originally recorded by MBD.




  1. love love this song… one of the best best old songs…. I believe originally written by R’ yom tov erlich and resung by MBD yrs ago….

  2. Gramma:
    Any song written and composed by R’ yom tov erlich has yiddish taam….. I do not think there was another such a pure and talented yiddish writer in our history… So much of even the most yiddish songs today are tainted with streaks of secular hashpaos…. And if not, then they’re just unoriginal… He was one of a kind. That being said; this person really sings it very nicely… Great vocal artistry but not articulate enough.. MBD had a beauty and perfection when it came to being vocally balanced with articulation… But reallly a nice piece… Inspired me on chol hamoed…

    • All jewish music would be considered tainted then. Todays jewish music is klezmer mixed with turn of the century jazz. Seriusly look it up before condemning what looks different.


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