Video: Jewish Community Unites to Protect Yeshiva Independence

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Leading rabbonim representing different groups within the frum community declare: we are all one community!
Submit your comment to the NYS Education Department today! or text 646.766.1110.



  1. In the Satmar Shul on 52nd Street, there was a large sign hanging on the outside front door, for a few months. It read, “NO TRANPASSING”.
    None of the Mispalelim was able to explain to them that the word Trespassing does not come from the word Transportation.

  2. This is the letter I sent to the SED
    To whom it may concern.
    I would like to express my concerns about the State Education Department having oversight over the yeshivos I send my children to.
    First of all, there are many successful people in all fields that went through the yeshiva system. I know the response, “They are the exception and even if it were so the yeshivos are not teaching basic skills.” This is false. Let’s look at the core subjects, math, science, history, language arts. Each subject is very different, but there is an underlining commonality in all subjects. You need reading skills, reasoning skills, writing skills, critical thinking and so on. Children in yeshivos get all this and more when they learn to read and write in Hebrew, learn chumash with the commentary Rashi, and the Talmud with their commentaries. As they advance to post-high school every yeshiva student is encouraged to write well thought out scholarly articles which are often published in journals. Any child that goes through our system has all the skills he needs to build a successful future. In fact, it is clear to me that the skills learned during the Hebrew program buttresses the skills learned in the secular department. This is why we find many successful entrepreneurs and businessmen in our community. This applies to all types of yeshivos from Hasidic to modern orthodox
    There is another important point that must be mentioned. There are those who have a vendetta particularly against the chasidisha yeshivos and the Hasidic way of life. These people grew up in this community. They left the community and are trying to undermine our values. The first thing they seek to destroy is our school system particularly by complaining about the lack of English language skills. This is what is called a red herring. They know Yiddish is the first language for most of these children. They know that the lack of English language skills has nothing to do with the school. These children talk only Yiddish at home, to their friends, and in yeshiva except for the few hours of secular studies. Getting the state education department involved will not change this.
    A third point, which may be the most important point of all. Who are going to be the ones to be monitoring the yeshivos, and how much input do these monitors have in deciding if a curriculum meets their criteria? Today the greatest threat to yeshivos is the progressive liberal movement, but tomorrow it can be a religious fanatic with an agenda. Yeshivos are very concerned about this. Parents send their children to a religious or private because that school reflects their values and culture. Parents want their children to learn these ideals and values, not those that some bureaucrat wants us to learn.

  3. Letters must also be sent to President Trump, an upstanding and ethical person with good moral values, who would surely understand that Jewish values and virtues that we hold dear will chas veshalom not get challenged by immoral lowlifes who are the minority of minorities and should not have all that power to dictate their abomination and profaneness to anyone in the world, certainly not to the holy Jewish nation. After all, Yisrael Kedoshim hem.

  4. nu…. once Agudah and the Rosh Yeshivas are on the topic. what about kids not having a yeshiva or beis yakov to go to? that issue will be forever be brushed under the rug! hey agudah why not set up a vaad hachinich that makes sure no child is wondering the street!

    • Because (1)it is a lot more simple and within the purview of Agudas Yisroel to deal with this issue (2)it is a lot more important to deal with a threat to all Yeshivos and children than a issue only faced by some (3)there is a clear address to turn to with this issue which isn’t the case with children out of school

      That is for the Agudah. Now what are you Mr. Critic doing about the kids out of school other than criticizing others for not doing enough?

    • Nonsense. Every Jewish child can get into a Yeshiva. Maybe not the ones YOU want. If you refuse to wear a white shirt and insist on having an unfiltered smartphone, why should a yeshivisha yeahiva accept your kid. It’s not a good match for what the Yeshiva stands for. Send him to a more moderate Yeshiva. They’ll gladly accept your child. Enough with the “I can’t get my kid into a Yeshiva” lie. It’s YOUR ego that is keeping him/her home. Grow up already.

      • tell me shidduch,
        if sombody has money or connections all of a sudden it doesnt matter if the kid isnt the right fit. doors open up!
        cut the baloney.
        their are situations where their arent yeshivas in the local area . is it fair when a local yeshiva takes kids from other locals over their own local children?
        also I have no children! so dont bark up that tree!
        when the chofetz chaim found out about a mechalel shabbosnik he summoned the boy a cried one word shabbos to him. he didnt expel him immediately!
        in torah vadass’s dorm when bochrim from south america were caught with extremely inappropriate magazines they were being thrown out of the dorm. Rav Yakov jumped in to defend them so like this they could stay in the yeshiva!
        And dont even start on being the right fit. it was known that slabodka had mechalel shabbosniks.(smoking cigarettes on shabbos).and yet were they expelled?
        Where is Rachmonis!!!!!

  5. Spelling knowledge: not sure how your comment will help us against this serious issue, in fact it could make the situation worse
    hmm: Agudah is not a machine. Its askanim cannot fix the world in a day. How much time did you give to the Klal? Do you do anything to help out those kids?

    We must take this matter serious and sign the petition. Everyone. If you did not do so yet, do it now!!

    • fix the world in a day? so its unreasonable to expect some sort of framework since the 1950s 1960s? how about the 1980s? especially since the 1990s. why is agudah not initiating some sort of framework? like how the ou works with kashrus? something that a yeshiva can use as a stamp for the yeshiva? you think having a meeting once a year and talking for a few minutes. helps the children wandering the streets without yeshivas and beis yakovs?
      how long untill some organization is formed? parents have to beg so their children dont go to public school? what so in 40 years Aish or Chabad etc. brings their non religious from birth grandchildren back to judiasm?
      is their any Rachmanus left???

    • Firstly as a nonproft, Agudah can’t make political endorsements

      Secondly knowing that the Democrats will probably win no matter what they say it would be very foolish to burn all bridges with them by campaigning against them

  6. I’m a yeshiva graduate, and am writing to register my opposition to the regulations proposed by the State Education Department.

    There’s an old adage, which goes as follows, “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”.

    I believe that the yeshiva education that I received in NYC was stellar, and prepared me for a successful life after school. It also did not conform to the dictates that the State Education Department is attempting to impose through these proposed regulations.

    The center of a yeshiva education is its Jewish studies curriculum. That is as it should be. Jewish parents have a right to educate their children as they see fit, and I’m very happy that my parents chose this path for me.

    My peers may have had educations with more of an emphasis on secular studies, but they are not better prepared for success.

    I have no doubt that the intensive, dual curriculum education that I received in yeshiva, has been the key to my successes in both worlds; the world of Judaism, and also the secular world.

    These proposed new regulations will undermine the ability of the yeshiva I attended to provide future generations of students with the same excellent education that I received. The proposed regulations and required units of study are in opposition to my religious conviction and my strong Torah adherence.

    If until now, due to an alleged conflict with separation of church and state, NY State found itself unwilling and unable to fund yeshivas. All the more so, the state should respect this sacrosanct separation, with regard to the independence and autonomy of yeshivas.

    I therefore urge you to reject these proposed new regulations.


    Israel Reader

    • and what yeshiva did you attend? was it one with established secular and regents requirements?
      a bit disingenuous. no? dont muddy the waters.


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