Video: Kars4Kids Comments On Don Imus Controversy


cliff-meth-oorah[Video below.] Matzav Exclusive: As first reported here on, earlier this month radio talk show host Don Imus slammed a commercial for the Kars4Kids charity, and then apologized, saying that he was merely poking fun at a jingle that he says literally annoys everyone in possession of a working radio.  

It all started during a commercial break when the Kars4Kids jingle started to play, and Imus – clearly not a fan of the jingle – begged the singer to “shut up” and “go to -.”

Imus then groaned, “I should give you my Bentley – you morons.”

The next day, Kars4Kids says Imus issued a “fairly thorough retraction and apology on air” – and insists that all is forgiven.

In the following exclusive video, hears from Kars4Kids spokesman Cliff Meth, who shares his reaction to the Imus controversy – and tells readers about a special gift that he sent to Mr. Imus.

Click below to watch:

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  1. IMUS spoke today 11/24 about KARS FOR KIDS.
    He said taht the song WAS NUTS,
    what more do you want?

  2. Cliff Meth is very smart, unlike other organizations or groups whom Imus slammed, no law suit, no cries of anti-semitism, no brouhaha.
    Imus will not let go of his persona for a minute. His mission statement on radio is to riducule and poke fun at these types of things.
    Personally, Kars4Kids were not targeted in the least. I gave them my old car and so will everyone who was inclined to before and maybe more.
    Personally, I always wondered why a big tzedakah organization like Kars4Kids coulnd’t get a more professional and pleasing jingle.
    It grates on my nerves, too. But I know the value of what they do. I wish they had a better song so others won’t tune them out.
    Not everything is a pogrom. Imus is who he is and I never listen to him for that reason.


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