Video: Kosher McDonald’s Opens in Yerushalayim

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kosher-mcdonalds[Video below.] A kosher McDonald’s restaurant has opened in Yerushalayim after the Rabbanut backed down from demands for the store to change the chain’s name to McKosher. After nine years of negotiations, the store, located at the Tachaneh Hamerkazit, the Central Bus Station, agreed to make various changes, including switching the colors of the internationally recognized McDonald’s logo and removing the golden arches from the uniforms of workers there. The requirements came in light of the fact that there are other non-kosher McDonald’s stores in Yerushalayim and the Rabbanut was afraid that patrons would confuse the non-kosher eateries with the kosher one.

Click below to view a JPost video report about the store:

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{Yair Israel}


  1. I thought every meat restaurant in yerushalayim to be lisenced needed a minimum of rabanut hashgacha supervision.

  2. well you know what the Chachamim say that the last generation before Moshiach will be the worst..this mcdonalds is totally ridiculous…i sadly agree with shmuel on sorry but this is mamish just nuts..

  3. Is there something wrong with frum Jews enjoying this world? Didn’t HaShem create olam hazeh for our benefit? If this restaurant is reliably kosher (and I am not saying that it is), what is wrong with eating there? Assuming that there are no kashrus issues (which is probably not a good assumption) why is eating at this restaurant any different than eating at a fast food restaurant in Meah Shearim, Geulah, Mattersdorf or at the Shefa Mall?

    With all due respect to Shmuel, I fail to see the comparison between a fast food restaurant and a Catholic church. Many non-Jewish food companies make special runs (eg. Coca Cola for Pesach) so that frum Jews can use their products. This is certainly no different.


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