Audio: Lady Slams Oorah, Says “Quite a Lot Hurt” By Husband Looking at Brochure

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  1. Even though her comments obviously don’t make sense. Matzav should not publish this berabim. This could be very embarrassing for her and her family and mevaze her. This was a private phone call to Oorah.
    Please remove this post.

  2. I agree both with Oorah’s decision to go public with this and with Matzav’s decision to put it up on their site. I think they both want to guage the feedback on this. And I think its important. My take is that there are obviously other issues that this caller may be dealing with and may be just using this brochure as a way to vent and to blame whatever the issue may be on something or somebody else. Thats just my opinion…

  3. i feel bad for this womans husband(if true) im sure he suffers from her on a daily basis, lets all pray that she seek the proper intervention so that she can once again or for the first time lead a normal life. if left untreated this woman has no hope and her children will ALL leave the derech as quick as they can. unfortunately there are more than one of her type NEBACH NEBACH NEBACH

  4. Hello all you slow people.. Wake up… This was oorah themselves that made the call….
    Trying to Make fun of people that tell them off…
    And I don’t think it’s right that matzav agreed to post their mishagasim..

  5. she is right those sheitels are ASSUR as both rav elyashiv & rav vozner said. & rav vozner had some very sharp words about such sheitel!!!
    besides she sounds a liitle chasidish & probably where such sheitels are unacceptable!- good for her!

  6. It is very unfortunate to see so many people attacking this sincere woman for standing up for her beliefs, just as our mothers and grandmother’s did through out the ages. This woman is quite obviously chassidish, where in many communities they are very careful about modesty and guarding your eyes. Attacking someone who has a higher level of strictness than you in religious observance and yiraas shomayim, is not a constructive habit. Whether or not you approve of the images is irelavent.

  7. it doesn’t sound fake to me. it sounds real. she sounds chasidishe and she is right. what are we advertising? why are we glorifying these long luscious sheitels when the gedolim are saying that the sheitels should not be so long! why are you all making fun? i throw out the catalogs as soon as they come in, not because of pritzus, i never actually thought about it that way, but because of the stress on gashmius, materialism. i like to donate to oorah but i don’t like when the kids sit and look at all they things we can “win”
    my opinion

  8. Oorah is a master at marketing. Everyone agree’s with that. They clearly have one of the best PR machines around, today. Vihoruya, all you gullible’s, fell for this shtick.

  9. Why do you say she is obviously “chassidish”. Maybe you are not aware, but in most of the “heimish” and frum schools in Torah cities, if a mother wears such a shaitel, her children will not be accepted . No diiference between chasidish or Litvish/Yeshivish schools on that.
    Lady is correct in her stance. Don’t berate her.

  10. I will have a very hard time giving another dime to Oorah after this. If it’s a true phone call, then they have no right publicizing it and shaming someone no matter how extremist they think she is. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and calls to them should remain private. In the event this is not a real call and just and Oorah marketing ploy, then it is distasteful and leitzonus. The comments here and in other places where this was posted should be enough of an indication as to why this was wrong. Therefore,whether this voicemail is real or fake, either way, shame on you Oorah.


  12. I NEVER support OOrah ANYMORE. It has been many years where they have really gone beyond the acceptable . the ends DO nNOt justify the means EVER. Shame on you.


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