Video Report: Lakewood School District is Underfunded

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  1. It’s crazy that a district with 1/5 of it’s eligible students in the public schools (5,000 the report said compared to 20,000 in private schools) should be underfunded. With all the property taxes from all those families, they should have plenty of money, even paying for bussing and special ed. for the non-attendees. Why would anyone care about segregated buses, unless they are anti-semitic? The destination schools are in different locations and with different start times. Can you imagine driving all the kids from one block on one bus to how many schools and how many times for drop off? That’s no more efficient that picking up according to destination.

  2. How can the moniters blame the private schools for the budget deficits because they have to pay for their bussing?!
    If these children would go to public school the township would still have to pay for their bussing plus all the expenses that come all with public school education, including building and maintaining dozens of new school buildings, teachers, playgrounds etc…
    Stop blaming everything on the private schools.

  3. Its time for everyone to move back to Brooklyn. B”H we have “free” bussing over here INCLUDING SUNDAY’S. We also have city busses and trains/subways that actually work. B”H we have a large selection of wonderful Yeshivos & Mosdos. There is no reason to live anywhere else.


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