Video: Lander and Heyer Endorse Lazar in NYC Council Race

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joe-lazar[Video below.] Councilman Brad Lander and his former opponent John Heyer announced on Friday their endorsement of Joe Lazar in the upcoming special election to succeed Simcha Felder for the 44th District City Council seat.

In Brad Lander’s recent and successful run for the 39th City Council district, which also covers a small portion of Boro Park, the community backed conservative Democrat Heyer, and Heyer wound up winning the Boro Park portion of the district, 1,245 to 219 or roughly 6-to-1 vote.

Click below for a video of Lander and Heyer jointly endorsing Joe Lazar:

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  1. I am impressed Mr Lazar got both of them together. I hear about Lazar that he is a big mentsch. We need a mentsch! He has my vote.

  2. 30 years of nothing and a typical politician talking about jobs and tuition for yeshiva parents.

    When someone drives a car and he doesn’t know directions from point a to b you dont rave about that the driver must be a good one just because he is behind the wheel.

    When someone talks about tuition and all affordable housing when Bloomberg even said publicly it is impossible to deliver because there is no room in the jewish neighborhoods, why donest Joe lazar say how he will do it instead of just saying he will do it.

    If Joe wants to win he must present HOW he will do things and not just say things that people used to want to hear.

    As of right now i’m voting for Greenfield because he has delivered already unlike others that always promise big but don’t deliver.

  3. Joe Lazar is on the right track.
    Joe Lazar has delivered to the community in the millions of dollars. Ask Ohel, ask Mishkan, ask the Community Council.
    John Heyer was the candidate that opposed the so-called Hikind machine. Why in the world would he be, together with his former opponent Brad Lander, endorsing Joe Lazar ? Only because Joe Lazar is the overwhlemingly BETTER candidate. Open your eyes, open your mind, and see what is plain and obvious.

  4. I love it. another case of someone who claims to have taken the trip (to use your analogy) and never left his house.

    I have a family member that suffers from mental illness and I know that he wouldnt be getting the care he is getting today if not for joe lazar. before joe was came along and provided the jewish community with hundreds of units of mental health housing, my uncle was shtooped in an adult home with all kinds of low lives. today he lives in a community residece in the heart of flatbush and i owe it all to joe.

    before you contiue to speak motzie shame rah about a man who has helped my family so much, i would dare you to check your facts

  5. Let David Gavriel represent change, dreams and aspirations…. We see how well that worked for OBAMA… What we need is someone with a proven track record that knows how to deal with people and gove this community continuity. . I say less talk and more do… Joe is known as a “do”er . If the mosdos are with him it enough for me..GO JOE !!!!

  6. we all go for joe ! just ask him how and when he got the name “joe lazar” he has a nice story with one of the big rabbis of the previous generation !!!!

  7. I am all for Lazar!! I personally spoke with a big ASKAN involved with the OU and he informed me that all the Jewish organizations HATE Greeenfield. David does nothing, and after they do something big David comes out with a press release saying he did it.

  8. I think that both are just politicians making promises just like they all do when they want your vote.

    After winning an election, no one ever comes to see if YOU as a voter needs help with something but when they need a vote they know on whose door to knock.

    I think it’s time to tell these politicians that we had enough of the lies and we want action – right now we need someone who can deliver what the community needs and I don’t think Joe Lazar nor Greenfield will do a damn thing.

    on the other hand, there’s a new guy running Carl Caller and I don’t know much about him but I did look into it and I do see that he has done things for the community long before this position was ever offered.

    I think it’s time for a change and its time to say goodbye to these politicians who have done nothing for any of us and elect a new fresh face to be our next City Council.


  9. Why is there so much hatred out of the gavriel camp? Also ,if hes done so much for the Jewish community why is the real KING PIN of back room, shady politics(Vito Lopez) his only friend… why are the mosdos with Joe? … and don’t say Dovs twisting arms because Vito can and is doing much worse things for them… JOE is a man who isn’t only taking credit alone he’s being backed up by mosdos and organizations. He has really built housing and programs totaling 10’s of millions of dollars annually to the jewish community!!! GO Reb JOE

  10. Term limits, I beg to differ with you. Caller’s special interest appears to be his own. I haven’t figured out whether it’s about his law practice or his business interests with the Sephardim

  11. “We must elect Rabbi Caller. He is the ONLY candidate not tied down to special interest groups.”


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