Video: Leil Lag Ba’omer Around Lakewood


leil-lag-baomer-in-lakewood[Video montage and photos below.] Last night, various gatherings took place around Lakewood in honor of Lag Ba’omer and the yom hillulah of Rav Shimon bar Yochai.

At the Breslover Bais Medrash on Sixth Street, a hadlaka was followed by dancing and singing.

At Bais Medrash Daas Kedoshim-Butchatch, the Skolya Rebbe led a seudah in honor of Lag Ba’omer.

At Bais Medrash Bais Mordechai, the Spinka Rebbe of Antwerp was present and a large hadlaka was held with live music and dancing and singing, followed by a seudas melava malka.

At the Stoliner Bais Medrash, on East 8th Street, off of Princeton Avenue, a tremendous crowd gathered for a hadlaka and dancing on Motzoei Shabbos.

Click below for a video montage of the above events in Lakewood:

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See below for photos:

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  1. Maybe one of the many Talmidei Chachomim who comment here can help me. I was under the impression (I guess I was wrong) that one can listen to music on lag Baomer only after day break of Lag Baomer itself (Miktzas Hayom)and that music at night is still assur. There is a Heter for Chasunos only when in a place where one cannot make a Chasuna on Lag Baomer – no hall available etc – so then there is a heter for Layl Lag Baomer.

    However, where is it written that one is allowed to listen to music the night of Lag Baomer? It must be somewhere since all these Hadlokos are taking place. I was just curious if anyone knows where. Thank you.

  2. spilling an accellerant like gasoline,kerosene eyc….is very dangerous the fire can backup and explode the container

  3. why are there kids around the fires?? Why is no one in charge to make sure the kids are far away? When will everyone learn – when chas v’sholom….

  4. no ‘siechel’ how the parents and kids act with ignorance around a fire

    now i know why there is a ‘shidduch” crisis

  5. To Oy Vey,
    If one holds the issur for all of the sefirah days from Pesach till Shavuos, not including Chol Hamoed, Rosh Chodesh, Lag BaOmer, and Rosh Chodesh Sivan till Shavuos, you end up with 33 days. In that case, Lag BaOmer becomes mutar immediately and one need not wait till the morning.
    In addition, if one starts at Rosh Chodesh (1 Iyar) and goes till Shavuos, he gets 33 days without Lag Baomer, freeing up the entire day of Lag Ba’omer.
    The only ones with a problem are those that start at Pesach and Lag Baomer is the 33rd day.

  6. To All The Anonymous,
    Making ur comments on a website will not change anything out there! so save ur time and don’t look like an idiot to all those reading these comments for entertainment!!!


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