Video: Lone Survivor R’ Dovid Gotstein Speaks of Family Tragedy


dudigotsteinspeaks[Video below.] R’ Dovid Gutshtein, who lost his pregnant wife, young son, father-in-law, mother-in-law, two brothers-in-law and one sister-in-law in a terribly tragic accident last week spoke to the Israeli media about his devastating ordeal. He continues to encourage his family and friends and askes all to daven for him. His name is Dovid Tzvi ben Batsheva.

Dovid and the driver were the only survivors in the vehicle.

Click below to watch his remarks:

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{Gruntig/ Newscenter}


  1. Remarkable. This is the stark difference between a Yid and a Goy. A Yid accepts that everything is Min Hashamayim and he understood that the driver was a bad shliach from hashem. A goy would never come to that conclusion. Their first reaction would be to sue.
    May he gather much needed strength and have a complete refuah and yeshuah

  2. Hashem Ya’azor! May we, Klal Yisroel, ONLY hear Bisoros Tovos.
    People should try to organize tehillim groups for him and the many other people who need a Rifuah, if they can. Tizku L’mitvos.

  3. Reb dovid tzvi is An ish chesed in his own right, (not taking into account his father in laws gadlus, who was goin in chesed and midos toivis), what he endured is unfathomable! may Hashem send him chizuk and michumu, the fact that so many yiden were so heartbroken over this tragedy, and the amount of people who didnt even know and never heard of the nifturim, and therefore suffered pain with shed tears over the nifturim should be enough for the riboinoi shel oilum to say dai litzuroisainu, with mashiachs arrival.

  4. I was walking on Rechov Malchei Yisroel as the levayos were passing by last Thursday. Seven aronos, one after the next. Oy!! One of the most heartbreaking things you’ll ever see!!

  5. As important as it is to learn from R’ Dovid Tzvi’s firm emunah, it might not be so appropriate to post a video of him in the hospital. It is dehumanizing.

  6. He is an inspiration of the highest level.
    May HaShem bless him with a refuah shleimoh and a life of success and nachas.
    May Moshiach takes us out of this bitter Golus now

  7. Refuah Shelamah be karov for Dovid Zvi ben Batsheva. May Hashem heal physically, emotionally, and in every single way possible. Amen!!!


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