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magein-dovid-diamond1[Video below.] A one-of-a-kind natural diamond with the design of a Magein Dovid has been discovered, Hidabroot TV revealed. Hidabroot TV, Israel’s first Jewish-oriented television station, broadcast a video explaining the amazing 8.53 carat jewel last week. The video clip appears below, courtesy of Hidabroot, part of the Hidabroot organization established by Rabbi Zamir Cohen to bring and spread the Torah’s knowledge in Israel and the world.

The owner of the diamond wants his name kept away from the public eye, a relative told Arutz Shevah. He said that experts told the owner, “If this is natural, go buy a Mercedes.”

However, realizing the significance of the discovery, the owner wanted it used for Jewish purposes and gave Rabbi Cohen, founder of Hidabroot, exclusive use for revealing it, hoping it will help promote his book “HaTzofen” – the secrets behind the Hebrew language. The diamond “is not for sale” and will remain in a safe.

Rabbi Cohen’s book includes a chapter on the Magein Dovid and its significance in Judaism, noting that the six-pointed star represents the six days of Creation before Shabbos.

The relative of the owner, who moved to Israel in 1948, explained that diamond experts initially insisted that the jewel had to be man-made and that it was virtually impossible that it was a natural creation. However, the relative of the diamond’s owner said that leading gemological groups, including those in Zurich and the United States, verified its authenticity.

He told Israel National News that the story behind the discovery began during the financial crisis two years ago, when the diamond business was faltering. The raw material had been bought from a merchant in a country in South America approximately 10 years ago. During the crisis, when there was little work, the relative found work at a firm and was told to make diamonds from the bag of raw material that had been untouched.

The finished products brought in little money, but there were two stones still unpolished. Rejecting advice to simply sell the remaining raw material, the employer of the polisher was told to work on the last two diamonds.

“I did it carefully, and I saw that in one of them there was a design of the Star of David,” the relative said. “It was not clear in the beginning, but after polishing it again and again, it was clearer than ever.”

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Read more at Arutz Shevah.

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  1. Its as important as the knowledge that “every single snow flake” that falls in the world (in America, Russia or China and even Iran) is 6 sided as the star of david. Catch one and put it on your shelf as a momento.

  2. Actually the Magen David originates from King David’s shield that had 6 points pointing in all directions symbolizing that even when you think your’e shielding yourself w/ your shield Hashem controls e/t. So the Zoinists may have “stole” this symbol as their own but it has a rich origin.(Not to say that there is of any significance in finding a MD in a diamond).

  3. it doesnt matter the significance of the magen david who cares if its a six or eight pointed star the point is that it is rare and authentic and could be worth a lot of money if sold.

  4. There is no makor whatsoever for the belief that the so-called “Mogain Dovid” had any connection at all to Dovid Hamelech. As far as I have been able to find out, that’s a myth.

  5. “As far as I have been able to find out, that’s a myth.”
    S/t that “you” don’t know (excuse my lack of respect,) is not a myth, thats just ignorance. Rav M. Feinstien discuses it in regard to “is it mutar to daven in a shul that has a magen David.”
    Do your homework.
    “There is no makor whatsoever for the belief that the so-called “Mogain Dovid” had any connection at all to Dovid Hamelech.” I would just swallow it from Reb Moshe.


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