Video: Man Chooses To Be Eaten Alive By Anaconda



  1. Cancel this guy’s holiday plans to smile before he dies. He will be so fraternally improved by his eye witness account of his snake born redemption that even the steaks will taste like they are infertile dreams.

    Real fine focus for a naked eye. The inside of the end of the road.

    Maybe he will be so glad to have the memory that his next of kin will be his next of linen.

    Just a hunch, I can not think that Hashem thinks this is a scientific merit.

    The kids will forever know again once again that a traction on human suffering has been reduced to living with a strange dream and a walk of perceived superiority.

    I hope that this is not a fad to be repeated.

    If this is his calligraphy, his girded listing of his obscure accomplishment will be known but his eyes will be too large.

    A stupid move and probably an even more stupid following.

    Trash is a trash dynasty.

    Horrible excuse for any merit.

    Lost generational aim, but who is to deny an imbecule his place in the sun.

    Scattered gaps in humanity.

    I can see no reform in the human engineering for any interesting aim.


  2. Why is it necessary to report every insanity
    that someone can come up with? Do you think you are generating positive inspirations and direction to your readers?


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