Video: Medics Spend 45 Minutes to Extricate Woman in Lakewood Crash

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lakewood-crash[Video below.] Lakewood, NJ – At least one person was critically injured in a two-vehicle crash on County Line Road tonight, police say. The crash happened at 8 p.m. and one person had to be cut out of the wreckage of a car, according to Lt. Louis Sasso of the township police department.

Police transported the victim by MONOC 1 helicopter to Jersey Shore University Medical Center in Neptune, he said.

Two other people were taken by ambulance to Kimball Medical Center in Lakewood, according to Lt. Tom Langenberger.

The crash happened in front of 1140 E. County Line Road, near the future County Line Manor shul, and traffic was stopped in the area while the rescue is underway, he said.

Langenberger said the crash was so severe that it took firefighters 45 minutes to one hour to remove the most seriously injured person.

Motorists are asked to avoid the area because the investigation was expected to continue at the scene into the morning.

Local police along with investigators with the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Fatal Accident Unit, the Ocean County Sheriff’s Department Crime Scene Investigation Unit and local firefighters, paramedics and local ambulances assisted at the scene, Sasso said.

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{Asbury Park Press/ Newscenter}


  1. So the million Dollar question is:

    when are we going to wake up and do Teshuva????? the Chofetz Chaim zt”l always said, the first thing to improve is Tznius and today Tznius is almost dead not only in Lakewood but all over the world.

    It’s so sad. In the last few weeks two huge tragedies happened. One in the United States in Brooklyn, and one in Eretz Yisroel. The first a Temimusdik, sweet, angelic Jewish child was viciously killed and his body dismembered in the most horrible fashion, the killer,was a Yid. The second tragedy, a great Tzaddik, a great Mekubal from a family of known Tzaddikim, of known Mekubalim, a Yid that covered himself from head to foot, and for many years had not left his home, had never gone for a walk in the street, a Yid that his whole life was around Tznius and modesty in every way, a life of Torah and Chessed. A Yid that helped thousands of other Yidden get through their difficulties in life. A Yid so close to HaKodosh Boruch Hu that people came to him by the thousands for help, for help in Ruchnius and in Gashmius. And this great Tzaddik was also killed by a Yid, a Yid with a knife who plunged the knife into him in the cruelest most horrific way.

    Lets open our eyes and see what Hashem is trying to wake us up to do Teshuva, each and every one of us make a Chebon HaNefesh, get close to Hashem.

    In this Zechus we will be zocha to greet Moshiach in the very near future. Amen

  2. everyone is asking why such tragedies are happening?

    the answer is obvious all the past tragedies (worldwide & locallly) have still not brought klal yisroe to confess to hashem & bring us to start doing teshuva. LEAVING HASHEM NO CHOICE BUT TO BRING IT TO EFFECT PEOPLE LOCALLY.

    start teshuva now & say goodbye to these tragic events ITS UP TO EACH ONE OF US.

  3. So relieved that #1 still has Nevuah and can pinpoint the cause of tragedies.

    I would gamble on AHAVAS YISROEL and concentrate on ‘bein adom lchavaro”.

  4. No mention in the item as to whether the person is Jewish. This is a Jewish news site. If a Jewish person was not involved, please don’t post these items.

  5. Most people do not know the laws of right of way especially at stop signs. Rushing and speeding and cutting people off seems to be the norm. Vinishmartem meod….. Should be practiced and refresher courses should be manditory. It is not a good thing when a boy tells me I was going 70 in a 20 zone I was stopped by a police and I got away with it. Start driving with caution.

  6. #6- I can’t help but agree with you. But don’t forget what the Chassidic masters teach: The way to ahavas hashem is through ahavas yisroel.


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