Video: Motti Steinmetz Sings “Shofchim Lev Kamayim,” a New Song Composed by R’ Chaim Banet

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    • I respectfully and completely disagree with you! The song is gorgeous, The hauntingly beautiful words come from Second Day Rosh Hashana/Chazaras Hashatz “We pour out our heart like water unto You (HKB”H) And You will hear us up in heaven you dwelling place” It has a beautiful melody and lovely harmonies and chord progressions you don’t normally hear in Traditional Jewish/Chassidic music. I’m a professional classical musician for over 30 years with two degrees in music from top conservatories and colleges in Israel and the USA. I’ve had this song on repeat for the last few days, I’m totally mesmerized by how beautiful it is, the arrangement is really beautiful with the adult and children’s choir and of course Motty’s voice which is really unique because it’s in a high register that would normally would only be possible with a boy or a young woman. Of course Motty’s voice is much more polished than any boy singer could ever be because he’s in his twenties and he sings with the feeling of a mature adult, so what you have is something quite special that would probably be Kol Isha in just the timbre and high voice quality by itself, but because it’s a grown man and not a young woman it’s permissible to listen to. So the frum orthodox music world has bit of a taste of what vocal music with an accomplished female singer sounds like. Very interesting! 🙂

  1. romanitic

    it is like a breeze during the painful winds blowing in gulis were is toka moshiach this motty truly approaches him closer

    bekuriv iy”h!


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