Video: Netanyahu Blasts the World: “What Would You Do?”


netanyahu[Video below.] Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu rejected international criticism of a deadly raid against a flotilla carrying aid to Gaza earlier this week, saying the blockade of the Palestinian territory is needed to prevent missile attacks against Tel Aviv and Yerushalayim.The comments came hours after all remaining pro-Palestinians activists from the aid ships were sent to Ben-Gurion airport near Tel Aviv to be deported.

About a dozen female activists scuffled with security officers at the airport but were quickly subdued by authorities, Israeli officials said. Officials said today no charges will be filed and the women, along with hundreds of other activists, will be deported as planned.

Israel has come under harsh international condemnation after its commandos stormed a six-ship aid flotilla Monday in international waters, setting off clashes that killed nine activists and wounded dozens. The nearly 700 activists – including 400 Turks – were trying to break the 3-year-old Israeli and Egyptian naval blockade of the Gaza Strip by bringing in 10,000 tons of aid.

Turkey’s parliament called on its government today to review all ties with Israel as the country prepared to welcome home Turkish activists who had been detained after Israel’s bloody raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla.

Israel rejects claims that Gaza – which has been under an Israeli and Egyptian blockade since the Islamic militant group seized power in 2007 – is experiencing a humanitarian crisis. Israel says it allows more than enough food, medicines and supplies into the territory.

Netanyahu insisted the blockade was needed to prevent militants from being able to carrying out attacks against Tel Aviv and Yerushalayim.

“Israel is facing an attack of international hypocrisy,” Netanyahu said in a statement broadcast from his office.

He said the flotilla was seeking to flout the blockade, not to bring aid to Gaza.

“If the blockade had been broken, it would have been followed by dozens, hundreds of boats,” he added. “Each boat could carry dozens of missiles.”

Watch Netanyahu’s eloquent remarks below:

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{AP/Yair Israel}


  1. just an amazing fact that we should spread around.

    Since the U.N. was created the security councel voted 176 times, 98 were against Israel

    the General Assembly voted 690 times
    429 against Israel

    Gehennom is waiting, hope thers enough room.

  2. He does the Jews proud. The crux of his words was, “Any fair-minded individual…” When it comes to Israel, there don’t seem to be of those in existence.

  3. We can talk & explain till we’re blue in the face,
    The fact remains that we are the subject of an illogical & inborn hatred that is based on “Eisav sonei l’Yakov” and can never be eradicated until mechiyas Amalek BB”A


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