Video: Netanyahu Thanks Putin for Help in Battling Inferno – “No Shame” in Receiving Help


netanyahu[Video below.] In one of the many calls he has made to thank leaders around the world for their assistance in battling the inferno in Northern Israel, Israeli Prime Minister Binyomin Netanyahu thanks¬†Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin for his country’s help.

Netanyahu has spoken with 30 heads of state over the the last three days and says he finds the mobilization heartwarming. There is “no shame” in receiving help, said Netanyahu. “It is part of our existence in a global village…. We both receive and extend assistance.”

 Click below to watch:

{Yair Israel}


  1. Oye, Bibi, if you only asked Hashem! If we only kept Shabbos and Torah k’din, we wouldn’t have had the fire in the first place. Ask Hacham Yosef.

  2. It is always easy to point a finger at others (true Or not)

    And Yes Bibi and all so called secular Jews, as well, should keep Shabbos and pray to Hashem for help.

  3. It is always easy to point a finger at others (true Or not)

    Perhaps if more of the frum would shower invitations for Shabbos more people would keep Shabbos.

  4. To #3:

    You can’t just stand there davening to Hashem while the fire burns. There are plenty of instances that tefilos didn’t help at that moment (asarah harugay malchus). If one is sick, one still must see a doctor. You can daven, too, but you can’t just sit around expecting miracles.


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