Video: Netanyahu’s Heartwarming Meeting With Israel’s New Chief Rabbis

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netanyahu-rav-lau-rav-yosef[Video below.] Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu met in his Tel Aviv office with Israel’s newly elected chief rabbis, Rav Yitzchak Yosef and Rav Dovid Lau.

“I congratulate you with all my heart,” said Netanyahu, while holding a Chumash and quoting the posuk of “Ve’ahavta lerei’acha kamocha. “You are the rabbis of all the people of Israel. You are the rabbis of the non-religious sector, which needs your help,” he added.

Click below to watch:

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{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. He should always wear one. However, here he wanted to appear as one of the stam “people”, not necessarily as a religious one.

  2. what a clown, same time as he has his “heartwarming meeting” he signs the release of 104 convicted terrorists.

  3. Is the presence of the chief rabbis more significant than the presence of the ?????? If he doesn’t cover his head for the ?????, why should he for them?
    May I ask what was heartwarming? Did he back off on ???? ????? Forced ???? of ??? ????? Cutting child subsidy payments? Forcing the degradation of our ?????? ??????? by groups like WOW? That would be heartwarming! But a simple photo-op with some election winners? That’s just political posturing!

  4. I can’t believe everyone missed R’ Yosef’s brilliant yet respectful rebuttal. Unscripted and spontaneous. Smart man.

  5. Even the most anti secularists wear a kippa in the presence of such Rabbis. Even goyim do in Jewish events and holy places. Show some respect is right!


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