Video: New England Patriots Hold Moment of Silence for Ezra Schwartz

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The National Football League’s New England Patriots held a moment of silence before the start of their Monday Night Football game in honor of Ezra Schwartz, the Massachusetts teen who was killed in a Palestinian terrorist attack on Nov. 19 near Gush Etzion.

The decision to honor Sharon, Mass., native came in reaction to an email exchange between Patriot’s owner Robert Kraft, who is Jewish, and former Israeli Knesset member Dov Lipman.

“It would mean so much to the people of Israel, to supporters around the world, and to Ezra’s family and friends if the Patriots could do something in his memory,” Lipman wrote to Kraft, the Jerusalem Postreported.

According to Ezra Schwartz’s father, Ari, his son was a passionate fan of the New England Patriots and football helped the family stay close while Ezra was studying in Israel for his gap year between high school and college.

“Football kept us connected and we loved it together,” Ari Schwartz said at his son’s funeral on Sunday.


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  1. Well if the stupid White House had nothing to say about it at least the real “patriots” did make a “loud & clear” statement!

  2. Please take a minute and call the owner of the New England Patriots –
    Robert Kraft and say thank you for having the moment of silence
    tonight for Ezra Schwarz hy”d which millions of people will see.
    Office number is (508) 543-8200.
    They are open late because there is a game tonight.
    Please pass this to as many people as possible so that we can show him
    our Hakaros Hatov

  3. @#1: They didn’t have to say where, and it’s better they didn’t. It’s just impressive that they would make such an announcement at all. Good for them. Hope they won that game.

  4. Nice. But.
    Is this a Jewish thing? This moment of silence? How about all yeshivos taking off five minutes from recess and learning Mishnayis at that time. For younger kids maybe a parek of Tehilim.

  5. Beautiful!
    It’s tragic when any member of our people is murdered.
    And we should laud Rutgers U and the NE Patriots for their actions.


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