Video: Nikolsburger Rebbe Speaks at Levaya of Martin Grossman

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nikolsburger[Video below.] As we reported last night, the levaya of Martin Grossman, Michoel Yechiel ben Avraham, took place at the Nikolsberger Bais Medrash on Milton Place in Monsey, NY. The levaya was addressed by the Nikolsburger Rebbe.

Kevurah took place at the Bais Hakevaros on Hysana Road in Liberty, NY.

Click below for a video clip of the levaya:

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  1. Does anyone know how Nikolsberg is connected to Martin Grossman a”h? We all know that he had some coonections to the Chabad shliach there, but in the last week, Nikosberg was nowhere in the struggle for his life. Just for curiosity’s sake, does anyone know how the chassidus got involved in the kevuara? Is his closest relative a Nikolberg Chossid, or something like that?

  2. I’m still not sure why Martin Grossman has gotten such sympathy. I signed an online petition and sent an email to Gov. Crist as it’s a mitsvah to help save another Jew. I did not petition or email with much sympathy.

    Martin Grossman was a criminal before even he murdered. He murdered Miss Parks because he was afraid. Why? Because he knew he was in violation of his parole –> he knew the situation and was not mentally incompetent at the time. His last meal included chicken from the jail canteen – presumably treif. And it included cookies, and factory cookies are almost always dairy – if kosher.

    At least Grossman brought a lot of Jews together.

  3. You’r Confused? I’ll take your word for it. You really can’t take it seeing Chasidem involved in his Kevurah? I’ll tell you how Chasidem get involved. In any case where there is no money or Kovod involved, no one is interested in being involved. Martin Grossman A”H became a Mes Mitzvah as soon as he died. He ened up in Monsey.

  4. #1 “how Nikolsberg is connected … Nikosberg was nowhere in the struggle for his life”? Are you referring to the city of Nikolsburg? Or some sportsmen? Or is it just that you are confused or were never taught how to talk respectfully about a Rabbi?

    The Nikolsburger Rebbe shlit”a has the same connection to the niftar as have many Jews with ahavat yisrael.

  5. Reb Michoel’s last meal from the prison food was kosher. He was provided kosher meat, as was his legal right to request.

    Please stop the sheker about this departed Yid.

  6. I understand that it was an immense tragedy that Martin Grossman was sentenced to death and was killed. This man is a another yid and we each are responsible for one another. I just feel that we must understand the story and realize that the man did murder another human being. Correct it was not another yid, however we all follow the principles of dina d’malchusa dina and that with the crime comes the conseuences.

  7. Thank you matzav for sharing this heartbreaking video with us. The rav brought tears to my eyes. The Nikolsburger Rav reminds me of a chassidishe rabbi who spoke at the shloshim of the kedoshim of Mumbai. Their voices sound very similar. I remember he brought me to tears even though I did not understand a word of Yiddish.

    • Wow, you all are a disgusting satanic lot. Especially you, you faggot born form some gold digging perverted Likud whore.

  8. The man killed on purpose. He was already on parole. His life went by and not one of us knew or cared about it until 2 weeks ago. He ate traife for his last meal. Yet he is a hero?????

    And another point….Just curious to all you meshugoyim who think this man is a hero. If Bernie Madoff was on death row and about to be executed and we tried to stop it and we failed. Would he also get a heros funural if he said viduy and Shema at the last moments of his life? And he didn’t actually kill anyone?

    help me – somebody help me – someone give me a logical reason with Torah sources and a proper Hashkofa on how and why and what is going on here?

  9. <>

    So a murder of a non-Jew should be treated more leniently than that of a Jew? The comments surrounding this case are just digusting. You rub salt in the wounds of the Parks family.

  10. Michali: “The Nikolsburger Rav reminds me of a chassidishe rabbi who spoke at the shloshim of the kedoshim of Mumbai. Their voices sound very similar. I remember he brought me to tears even though I did not understand a word of Yiddish.”

    That rabbi that spoke @ the shloshim was the one and same Nikolsburger Rebbe

  11. 10. Comment from A Jew Among Rednecks
    Time February 18, 2010 at 2:23 PM

    Anti-Semitic Governor Charlie Crist of Florida:


    Huh? Are you crazy? What indicates any Anti-Semitism here?

  12. personally i’m nausiated by the celebrity status Grossman has gotten.
    we don’t need blog poskim. We don’t need people poskaning that because the victim’s family are nochrim and because he did teshuva he should be pardoned. I”YH when we will have a sanhedrin they will be the ones to posken.
    We need the “fifte shulchan aruch” some common sense that seems to have been thrown out the window with all the hullaboo surrouding a person who killed someone.
    I personally am against the death penalty because human judgement is not always correct, however the extensive public lobbbying for a murderer is beyond me.
    We are not in a position to forgive – the victim’s family is.

  13. Is he a celebrity? It’s hard for me to call him that. But then again, what about the famous Elozor ben Durdaya who repented emphatically before he was nifter- up to the point that the bas kol(Heavenly Voice) cried out “RABY Elozor ben Durdaya is ready for Olam Habo?!Yes with that title of RABY!

    The Rambam states that one who repents at the end of his life – EVEN IF HE WAS A RASHA(evil person)ALL HIS LIFE, THEY DO NOT MENTION IT TO HIM ONE BIT!That has been pretty evident to his chaplains and to those who witnessed or read the details of his final and yes – impressive moments.

    Now why was Elozor ben Durdaye entitled “RABY”? Well, for one, he simply attained that level. But more profoundly,because he has taught us the invaluable lesson of Teshuva(repentence) – and the extent of its effectiveness and teaching us asuch a profound lesson makes him a rebbe(teacher).

    And although I would not think of making him a celebrity(as often happens after a person’s demise),I would in this respect of Ahavas Yisroel(love for a fellow Jew)have to at least call him R’ Michoel Yechiel ben Avrohom a”h, for he has brought many diverse people together in an unpercedented manner and tought us to love each other(aside from his own example, whether that described by the rabbis he came in contact with and perhaps,even his own poetry).

    Finally, I must add that he, yes, obviously worked on himself and left this world with far more Ahavas Yisroel than many posters here!

  14. #10 i signed the petition and sent an email but to call him what you did is unexceptabe. you should apologize stat.
    we prayed and hoped but it didn’t help god had other plans. if the governor would have bowed to pressure he might as well resign it would be neverending for him.

  15. Martin’s last meal WAS KOSHER. The prison has kosher food, including meat, for Jewish prisoners.

    If Bernie Madoff was on death row and about to be executed and we tried to stop it and we failed. Would he also get a heros funural if he said viduy and Shema at the last moments of his life? And he didn’t actually kill anyone?

    Absolutely YES. If he was 100% choizer b’teshuva he starts a 100% clean slate as a Tzadik Gomur — better than you or I.

  16. his last meal was kosher. chasidisher shacheta
    he said vedu
    he spoke to his sister in Dallas
    they both were crying
    we did 10 minutes of tanya with him

  17. Anyone who read alan dershowitz commenting on this case will clearly see why Martin HY”D is being talked about with sympathy. He NEVER got a fair trial. The only testimony against him was by the other friends who were with him and had every reason to lie. They even admitted it. So NOBODY knows what happened on that day or how it happened. It is not far to say that he was forced to “admit” that it was him who shot. He was borderline mentally ill and anyone who works with these pure neshamos knows just how these types of stories can happen. There is at least a 50% chance of innocence in this story. He was evaluated and the evaluator made these statements. Nobody even heard the trial procedings so lets not come to conclusions. Here is Alan dershowits excerpt:

    “False Testimony Charles Brewer, a fellow inmate in 1985 gave ?testimony for the government. Subsequently he provided a very ?disturbing affidavit that states that his testimony was tempered and ?driven even falsely by the government. What is most disturbing is that he ?appears to have been a critical witness without whom the government, ?bringing into question whether the strength of the case without Brewer ?who admits his testimony was tainted and procured. Moreover, without ?Parks, the case relied on such witnesses as Brewer, Taylor, and others ?who all had something to gain by lying or embellishing, which may have ?at the very least made the difference between life and the death ?sentence.”

    Again Hashem Yinkam Domo.?

  18. Frum Jews Wake Up.

    Crist is no anti-semite. He is a staunch supporter of Israel, he has a mezuzah on his office door, and he has supported legislation removing antiquated anti-semitic terms such as ‘shylock’ from old state laws. He is also on good terms with the local Chabad shaliach in Tallahassee, and he makes annual trips to the Kosel and believes that placing a kvittel in the Kosel is a zechus for the state. He clearly holds Judaism in a high regard.

    To call this man an anti-semite because he didn’t pardon a convicted murderer is absurd, hurtful, and absolute sheker. It is also a major Chillul HaShem, and damages the image of good Jews who viewed this situation objectively and without the emotional foolishness that many askanim have employed here. I don’t see these same askanim bending over backwards to stop executions for gentile murderers, We live in a country where everyone gets fair treatment under the law. We don’t give yidden or any other group advantages under the law.

    That being said, Martin Grossman is a murderer. He brought his fate upon himself. Lots of people have problems- poverty, trouble coping, stupidity, etc. That does not excuse them from their actions or the ramifications of those actions. People cite his low IQ. His IQ of 77, according to the DSM-IV TR, qualifies him as having ‘Borderline Intellectual Functioning,’ not mental retardation. People also cite his religious transformation. He requested as his final meal a treif chicken sandwich from the jailhouse canteen. He is going before the Ribbono Shel Olam with treif on his breath, an obvious sign of his lack of Orthodoxy and his manipulation of religion as an attempted means of trying to garner sympathy for himself. He is a lot more shrewd than what people make him out to be. I never shed a tear for him once. I do feel sorrow for the family of the victim here, not for this beheima who made a Chillul HaShem.

  19. “Reb Doniel” — Please use your Muslim name when posting.

    Your lies about the Tzadik Reb Michoel Yechiel are reprehensible. He ate kosher, including the last meal. He died al kiddush hashem, with shma yisroel on his last breath.

    You should follow Reb Michoel Yechiel’s wise and holy example.

  20. Thank you, Reb Doniel. I agree 100% with every word you wrote. It makes me feel so much better to see that somebody hasn’t gone completely crazy.

  21. To 13 and 15

    Crist The Anti-Semite (YEMACH SHEMO VEZICHRO) REFUSED to meet with Jewish leaders over this matter. REFUSED TO GIVE THEM EVEN FIVE PRECIOUS MINUTES! Shows what his true feelings are.

    As for her family, they went around accusing Jews of harassing them. They get no sympathy from me for reviving a version of blood libel.

    I live in the area where all this happened. Not a good place for a Jew to be…it’s born-agian goyim here…

  22. #10 the governor is pro ISRAEL.
    they probably made the levaya here in mosey bec the cemetery is not too far from here and we are a large monsey community!!

  23. last meal was not kosher – he got it from the canteen which in that prison does not have kosher fried chicken sandwiches in their canteen. a simple call to the prison and some basic research will prove that to anyone who really is interested.

    Learn the Miforshim on R’Elazar bar Durduey and you will understand and see the difference between that case and this murderer. For starters R’ Elazars Avayra was the result of tayva not premeditated murder. But learn the Sugya well it is an eye opener on Hanhogas Hashem and sharf on Hashkofas Hachaim

    Yes a person can do Teshuva and yes Yaysh Kono Olomo Bshoa achas so it is possible that Grossman is getting his Oilam Haba. However, we cannot think for a second that you can do Avayros Bemayzid and then with a little Charoto and some last minute Teshuva that the world should treat you as a hero. Madoff can do all the Teshuva he wants but his Chillul hashem means he lost his Chaylek in Oilam Habba. If you think he is a hero if he does Teshuva then you are not learning Mussar, you don’t understand Chazal and you are a threat the authentic Torah.

    The Posuk says Asher Novi yechta – learn the Midrashim and explanations on how we are to deal when a Navi sins. And that is a Navi. People make mistakes and it happens. But they don’t become our heros just by doing 11th hour Teshuva.

    If a person makes your life miserable all year and then he calls you Erev Yom kippur and asks for Mechila do you think Hashem wants you to be Moichel? If you do then you need therapy because people will abuse you and hurt you then put you on a guilt trip going into Yom kippur. The Shulchan Oruch writes in Hilchos Teshuva pages about how to do it, when to do it, what needs to be done. But nowhere in halocha does it say to be a Tipash and let people hurt you.

    Like i read somewhere – what’s next someone will name their kid after him? Well all of you who think he is a Tzadik and he died al kiddush hashem or whatever other warped way you want twist this story – I feel bad for you and feel worse for your son who will grow up knowing you named him after a guy who killed someone but because he said Shema when he was put to death he was worthy to have your son named after him. Your kid will hate you! Twisted minds with no Hadracha. It is for you who we Daven for.

  24. A. Kagan,

    Why are you calling a murderer a tzaddik, c’v. If you think he’s a tzaddik, than why don’t you call every murderer with a sob story (mommy didn’t hug me enough, didn’t get good grades in school, daddy was a junkie, hang out with the wrong crowd, made stupid mistakes as a moronic kid, etc.) a tzaddik if he claims to have found religion? While execution is sad, it is nonetheless the law as applied in the state of Florida. If you are uncomfortable with the concept of equal treatment under the law, than go live in a country that is not a democracy. We give everyone of every religion fair treatment in America. As a Jew and an American, I am proud that our country doesn’t favor one religion over another. If this did happen, we wouldn’t have the ability to practice our religion so freely and openly.

    All of the stories say that before he was executed, he requested from the prison canteen (not kosher) a chicken sandwich, cookies, and fruit punch. There is not one prison canteen kitchen in the state of Florida that is kosher, as far as I am aware. Jewish priosners can request kosher frozen meals, but Msrtin did not choose to do that. He chose to eat a treif fried chicken sandwich, thus breaking hilchos kashrus in a blatant manner. A tzaddik would not do that. You seem to be very misguided and fallacious in your assessment of the situation.

  25. Doneil — the canteen DOES have kosher mean.

    ANYONE, including Grossman and Madoff CAN do a full 100% teshuva and die a Tzaddik. Grossman has done so.

    In our religion, “equal treatment” is a misnomer.

    Al pi din a) a Noachide (secular) court does not have jurisdiction over a yehudi, b) a Noachide (secular) court does not have authority to impose misa on a yehudi, c) without 2 witnesses who provided warning beforehand there is no death penalty d) And in any event there no death penalty by any human court – even Beis Din – when a yehudi kills a nochri (see Meshech Chochmah where it says it is only applicable Bidei Shamayim.)

    And therefore, as a result of the above, every yehudi had a legal obligation of pikuach nefesh in saving this yehudi.

    See Chazon Ish Bava Kama 10:15, Meiri, Bava Metzia 83b and can be implied from Maimonides, Hilchos Rotzeach 2:4 and Tosafos, Sanhedren 20b; R. Moshe Sofer, Chasam Sofer Likkutim responsa no. 14.

  26. Kosher MEAT rather. The Florida prison canteens do (as they must under Florida law) carry Kosher meant products, which Reb Michoel Yechiel availed himself to,

  27. The truth about the kashrus of Martin Grossman’s controversial chicken sandwich cannot be substantiated with any certainty in any direction.

    The only ones who undoubtedly know the truth are Grossman himself (and he is no longer in a position to tell us) and the KB”H Himself.

    Morai veRabbossai: I beg you all to remember that there are far more important issues for us to devote our precious time.

    None of us know when we will be called to give din vecheshbon before HaShem. Do not waste any remaining days left to you on shtus batel.

  28. No. The final meal was not kosher. The only kosher meals available in prisons are pre-packaged. A fried chicken sandwich could not possibly be pre-packaged. As someone who works in ksoher food service, I can tell you that the only kosher meals provided in prisons are usually frozen meals with a double wrap and seal on them that go in the oven, like brisket. Meal Mart actually provides most of the kosher meals in prisons. This Lubavitch website says that in FL prisons, the kosher inmates get pre-packaged meals.

  29. What Judaism says about the treatment of Nochrim and Yehudim under the law is irrelevant here. This is the US, a country that operates under its own laws, laws which we must uphold (dina la malchusa la dina).

  30. To Englisher Yid: you said it well.
    To Seichel (20): I haven’t seen a transcription of the Rebbe’s remarks. I do have a great deal of respect for him, knowing chassidim of his. However, there WAS a bas kol in the case you mention.

    And I hope that all the people who summoned up such incredible ahavas Yisrael for MG (with whom they never had the kind of conversation they have with people on forums such as this) can summon up the same ahavas Yisrael with presumably ehrliche Yidden with whom they disagree on this issue. (Vice versa’s not a bad idea either.)

  31. Oy gevald, lots of hatred, ignorance, and illiterate judgment, is going on here. Most (or all) of you have not studied the case, have not went through all the trial transcripts, testimony, mental health records, etc. I did. I do not have the time to offer an education here, but I can tell you that: would you have studied the history of this case, you would have agreed that for one, chances are that Martin Grossman did not shoot Ms. Parks, and if he did, he certainly did not meet any criteria for capital punishment even according to the proponents of the death penalty. You would ask, how is it then possible that such a travesty of justice took place IN THE NAME OF JUSTICE? if that is your question, then I have news for you, you have not been enough with the system. EItherway, I ask that commenters here stop displaying ignorance, and offering such harsh judgment on Mr. Grossman, when you don’t know the story. And yes, lets do something Leilu Nishmas this tortured Neshama who hasn’t seen a good day in his life; Reb Michoel Yechial ben Avraham A”H. Avraham

  32. I assist Jewish prisoners obtaining kosher food, and can assure you that the Florida prison system DOES provide KOSHER fried chicken sandwiches. I know this PERSONALLY.

    And Doniel – Dina D’Malchusa Dina does NOT override halacha when secular law is in conflict with halacha, which as Rebbe eloquently pointed out was the case over here.

    And, yes, Mechoel Yechiel Z’L having done teshuva was niftar a complete tzadik.

  33. Reb Doniel – you are right. But save your breath and don’t respond to this guy posting as “The Rebbe”. he is a dilusional idiot. If you follow his comments he has never yet written anything intelligent or worthwhile to even contemplate. I read his postings for the comic relief then read everything else for good healthy debate.

    Clearly the guy is not playing with a full deck so ignore him.

  34. Oy Vey! — Where is your Ahavas Yisroel??

    You could learn a thing or two from Reb Michoel Yeshiel Grossman z”l, who displayed far more of it than you.

    You should do a full teshuva as he did.

  35. #49, when you say poor soul, are you referring to the poor woman he beat and then shot in the head? You’re not really talking about the murderer as the poor soul, are you?

    As far as live parents, the poor soul who was murdered has a mother who survived her. Her father did as well, but only briefly, as he got cancer and died. His family says the grief over his daughter’s brutal murder hurt his health greatly.

  36. To Oy Vey and Reb Doniel,
    Before debating and analyzing with you( and everybody else with that mentality) i must hold a full hearing IF I should debate and analyze with you:

    1)We have a Gemara Sanhedrin which says that he is not liable for the death penalty for a plethora of reasons (such as no kosher witnesses, no hasra’ah,no dayan musmach(ordained judge). He was not heard by 23 dayanim musmachim. They did not deliberate.etc.)

    2)Moreso, we have gedolei Yisroel who have written letters on hizs behalf.Ha, I’ll bet that not one gadol holds like you!Rav Yitzchok Tovia Weiss, Rav Av Beis Din Yerushalayim and the Skulener Rebbe.They are not good enough for you?!They have written very strongly that it is a CHIYUV(obligation)to do what we can to plead for him.And a letter written by the Lakewood Roshei Yeshiva that it is a ELEMENTARY FACT that we are to do what we can for him and whoever idles IS A MURDERER.You’re no match for them.Martin was the only person who was able to bring such vast differnt factions of Klal Yisroel together and then some peanuts come pipe their head.

    You may be more learned than him, but he has surpassed your love for another Jew and judging people favorably.

  37. Thank you for your comments #52. After reading so many ignorant and hurtful comments that have been written on this topic SEE ABOVE ad naseum, it’s almost like Martin is better off away from this Olam HaSheker!. I truly feel bad for all the commentaries’ about how he had this coming to him and nothing about his past makes a difference in his actions or his Tshuvah! Wow such a perfect flawless readership!!! Why do I still have this deep down feeling that I’d rather not see what happens when all the negative Chevra get their turn in front of the Beis Din Shel Maaleh……………..

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