Video: Obama Administration Refuses to Condemn Palestinians for Wave of Terrorism

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  1. The reporter doesn’t understand the meaning of politics which is giving an illusion of positive actions. Mr. Hussein Obama apparently plays this tactic with the pals/ Israelis even when one side is driving cars into the other, cutting the throats of completely innocent people, going into shuls and doing the same, etc., Hussein feels that even in such grave situations we can give an illusion of diplomacy with such mad men. Look how great it worked out with Iran! Hey, the U.S. seems to be more sympathetic to Israel than much of the rest of the U.N., and they’re also a Muslim -Jew-hating- headed- country! The one amazing thing to me is how Islam has spread throughout the world with all of its anti-life anti-everything message. I mean, is this really where people want to go?

  2. the reporter means well but does not know how to communicate clearly. What he should have said is: “Sir, I believe millions of people want to know how in the world can the message to both be the same, when Abbas says on TV he blesses every drop of blood, and the Palestinians clearly started the escalation, with leaders constantly praising the violence, and on the Israeli side all you have are a few grieving individuals in a helpless security situation who hit a Palestinian with a stick and were quickly arrested? Don’t you think this rewards terrorism?

  3. The Obama Administration stresses the “need for both sides to take affirmative steps to reduce tensions in the area”. Why didn’t the reporter put the White House spokesman’s feet to the fire by asking him what kind of “affirmative steps” would he suggest that the Israeli administration take in order to “”reduce tensions in the area’. C’mon you had the guy on the ropes, why didn’t you follow through with the knockout punch?

  4. There’s something fascinating about watching a polished speaker dance around the truth while refusing to speak an outright lie, especially when all parties realize that he’s being evasive and dishonest by refusing to acknowledge what everyone knows is true.

  5. Interesting how Charlie Hall is hiding on this one.

    It has become clear that its the DEMOCRAT Party that is the Party of Hate towards Jews. That duffuss spokesman for Mr. Obama is the new face of the Democrat Party.


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