Video: Obama Again Blames Bush for Economy


obama-bush[Video below.] President Barack H. Obama has again criticized the economic policies of former President George W. Bush and the current “partisan minority” in Congress. Obama asked Republicans to drop the economic “blockade” and remarked, “It took nearly a decade to dig the hole that we’re in.”

Looks like the commander-in-chief will always shift the blame and will never be willing to take any responibility for the financial state of his country. For how much longer can he blame Bush?

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  1. why does matzav write a headline that makes it sound like obama got up and gave a speech that was primarily focused about how bush for 8 years plummeted the american economy ?

    Is it becasue matzav has a desire to mislead its readership into thinking that obama is a simpleton or liar ?

  2. The Three Letters: Obama version
    One fine sunny day President Barack Obama was sitting behind his desk studiously writing on some envelopes when Vice President Joe Biden walked in.
    “What’s up big dawg,” quipped the veep.
    “Oh, hi Joe. I’m just working on my three letters,” replied the President.
    Bush really left you three letters in the desk? And you went through all of them?”
    “It’s all true Joe. Bush left me three letters in this desk, and over time, I have been opening them.” Obama took a moment to show the three envelopes he had just sealed. They were numbered from one to three and bore no other distinguishing marks except for the seal of the President of the United States.
    “But, you can’t be done with all three already, can you,” asked Joe?
    “Do you remember when we first came into office Joe and we were pushing the stimulus bill? That was when I opened the first letter. It was very clear and to the point. It told me to blame the first major crisis of my administration on Bush, the former President.”
    Joe nodded his head and scratched his chin, “I remember that. We blamed all the economic problems on Bush back then didn’t we?
    “After stimulus went through we had a good ride for a while. Then we started getting all that flack about Gitmo not being closed yet. I knew I couldn’t blame Bush for that because I had already signed an Executive Order to close the place down. So, I did the only thing I could do, I opened the next letter. This time it said to blame Congress. I couldn’t believe my luck! It was perfect and the Republicans even helped by being so vocal about not closing Gitmo!”
    Joe turned back to the President, “when did you open the third letter?”
    “I don’t really remember when I opened the third letter and it didn’t really matter because the third letter was useless, all it said was to write three letters!”
    Joe looked a little shocked when Obama told him this. Seeing the shock Obama smiled and walked back over to his desk. He picked up the letters and waved them in the air for Joe to see before dropping them into a drawer.
    “Look Joe, we both know that Bush was no where near as smart as I am so I wrote three improved letters. I expanded on the first one to include not just blaming Bush but to include spreading the blame to anyone hired by his administration whether they still work in the government or not. I expanded the second letter to include placing blame not just on Republicans in congress but also those teabaggers and Fox News. All I have to do is blame Fox News and the rest of the media believes it to be true!”
    “What about the third letter,” inquired Joe with a nervous tone in his voice?
    “Oh that one? I changed it from ‘write three letters’ to ‘buy three envelopes’.”

  3. The answer is why shouldn’t he tell it like it is. He inherited a mess due to the fortune spent in Iraq and the enormous tax breaks to the rich which resulted in an 1.3 trillion dollar annual deficit. Or have we forgotten.

  4. Hate to have to agree, but Bush did start this mess. Obama hasn’t done much to improve it either. A plague on both of their houses!

  5. the teleprompter went down and he can’t continue speaking,it’s hilarious how keeps asking about the sound and by the 3rd time around he attempts to read it from the script way to funny

  6. Let’s see:

    – When Bush left the White House the budget deficit was $455 Billion; Obama has more than tripled it to $1.47 Trillion.

    – When Bush left the White House the national debt was 40.8% of GDP; Obama has increased it almost 60% to 64.9% of GDP.

    – When Bush left the White House unemployment was at 7.5%; it is now approaching 10%.

    So the economy is all Bush’s fault? When will this little man stand up and take some responsibility?

  7. As to the “mess due to the fortune spent in Iraq”, the Congressional Budget Office reported yesterday that Operation Iraqi Freedom cost a total of $709 Billion. The stimulus bill of 2009 cost a total of $862 Billion and has stimulated nothing.

    Get your facts straight and stop spouting.


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