Video of Baby Laughing Hysterically At Dad’s Rejection Letter Goes Viral – Over 8 Million Views


laughing-baby[Videos below.] A video of a baby laughing at his dad’s rejection letter for a professorship has gone  viral. It’s no surprise because Baby Micah’s laugh is wonderfully entertaining.

Over a month ago, Marcus McArthur received yet another rejection letter for a professorship. The 33-year-old St. Louis dad is finishing his doctorate and ready to land a job.

As McArhtur does with all rejection letters, he ripped this one in half. His 10-month-old son, Micah, was sitting nearby on the couch in a pink sleeper suit and started to laugh. McArthur ripped the paper again and Micah’s laughter turned to uncontrollable hysterics.

And then McArthur grabbed some credit card statements and his video camera and filmed Micah’s intensely happy giggles.

McArthur, his wife, Amanda, and baby Micah are now making the rounds on the news channels.

McArthur told KDSK-TV, St. Louis, “Around the 22-second mark he does an extremely hearty laugh where you wonder if he’s stopped breathing.

“But he starts laughing again and you think, Yeah, he’s OK. At that moment I thought, Yeah, this is a really great clip.”

This video certainly isn’t news, but the fact that it went viral might be an indicator that we’re all in need of a little more laughter in our lives.

The video has now been viewed over eight million times.

Click below to view the video:

[media id=1098 width=400 height=300]

Click here to see Micah McArthur and his parents on The Today Show:

{SF Gate/ Newscenter}


  1. As with anything else, there is mussar in this video.

    Why does it take so little to make an innocent child laugh, but takes so much to make an adult laugh?

  2. to Albert Einstein
    Thats because adults have so much worry in their life & never stop being worried. Lacking the most important thing in Yiddishkeit BITACHON & EMUNAH (Faith & trust in Hashem). for one that seeks out Hashem lacks nothing that is good (Tehillim chapter 34 & in end of Birchas Hamazon) Nothing in the world will effect a person of Bitachon no matter what happens, cause he knows that everything Hashem does is for the good.

  3. Soon we will see this baby in the commercials. He will be a millionaire by the time he is out of his diapers. Yes, this baby will make it big! He is predestined to be famous. Watch out Hollywood, her comes some real competition. What a darling and sweet baby.


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