Video: Paladino Denies ‘Hitler’ Comment, Cites Jewish Friends, Hikind Blasts


paladino[Video below.] Hotheaded Republican candidate for governor Carl Paladino insists he never called Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver an “anti-Christ” or a “Hitler,” returning fire through a spokesman today after a group of Orthodox Jews lambasted him on the steps of City Hall.Michael Caputo, spokesman for Paladino, a real estate developer, also cited Paladino’s Jewish friends in response to Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind, the most prominent member of the protest group. “What the hell is wrong with him?” Hikind asked in reference to the Hitler comments attribibuted. “Is he out of his freaking mind?”

“Dov “paid-to-attack-someone-every-October” Hikind, twists Carl words in an smear effort, with the hopes that the members of the hard-working Jewish Community will not note that the Democrats in Albany didn’t serve them well all those years,” Caputo responded, as reported on the blog Vos Is Neias. “But the fact is that the era of using fear tactics against members of one’s own community – as a way to deflect critic and accountability – is long over. Voters are smarter than these cheap shots.”

The Niagara Gazette reported last October that Paladino, at a public forum in upstate Weahtfield, referred to comments made by Erie County Supervisor Chris Collins that Silver was “the anti-Chrust” and added that the speaker was “probably the most corrupt and incompetent human being to ever serve in state government in the state of New York.” He added: “If I could ever describe a person who would fit the bill of an Antichrist or a Hitler, this guy is it,” Paladino said. “I’m sure Chris had no – absolutely no – intention whatsoever of insulting the Jewish faith or the ethnic group or religion.” The comments have rarely been mentioned in the past year until last week when Paladino, using his own fortune, defeated former Suffolk County congressman Rick Lazio in the Republican primary.

Caputo on Monday said “We, of course, could respond with a dozen Rabbis and with many of Carl’s Jewish business partners to stand behind Carl. But why bother? This is nonsense! Carl Paladino never said what Hired Hitman Hikind accuses (namely, that Speaker Silver is a Hitler).”

He added: “Carl saw firsthand the bigotry and prejudice his father, Bellisario, suffered for being Italian-American. Carl abhors all bigotry and discrimination; his Jewish friends in Buffalo know it. Being a no-none-sense guy who says it as it is, does not make one a bigot or anti-Semite. It makes one a person that will do whatever it takes too help New York and to root-out the corruption in Albany.”

In an interview Monday, Hikind said he believed Paladino is “out of his mind” and expressed concern the candidate’s rhetoric might incite angry people to violence. Still, he said, he sees pockets of support for the canidate in his heavily Jewish district. “I had someone call my radio show Saturday night and say that even if he is a little bit of an anti-Semite, he would still rather have someone whose family values are more in line with his on issues of abortion and [toeivah] marriage,” Hikind said in disbelief.

Click below to watch Hikind’s comments. Video by Shimon Gifter:

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  1. Dov, you are losing touch with reality. Are you the mashgiach for everyone that says something you don’t like? Wake up! No body cares what you say anymore. Is this the best you can do? Why don’t you pack your bags and move to the West Bank already?
    What are all those hypocrites in the video going to do when Palidino becomes the next Governor? They won’t be able to be Michanef him at that point!

  2. Paladino’s record on matters of concern to orthodox Jews is far greater than those of
    conservadox Shelly Silver. Silver supports toeiva marriage, abortion on demand, and opposes tuition vouchers.

  3. Jewish Democrats, especially those who are politicians, have some real soul-searching to do. Why is it that they seldom, if ever, blast the many antisemitic, anti-Israel, anti-moral politicians and bureaucrats infesting their own party, even at the highest levels? Why are they not reconsidering their party affiliation now that their party has sold out to the extreme Left?

    We don’t need the Jewish equivalent of the African-American political establishment that has been 100% co-opted by the Democrats to the point of harming their own constituency.

  4. Why is Matzav covering up for what’s really going on here? When you keep editing out legitimate comments/opinions, you lose all credibility! You’ve become “just another political hack”!!!


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