Video: Panhandlers Go on Theft Spree at Chasunah Hall

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panhandlers-go-on-theft-spree-at-wedding-hallA pair of panhandlers, who are known to frequent shuls and events around Crown Heights, were captured on surveillance video rummaging through the pockets of dozens of coats during a wedding at the Razag ballroom, making off with a wallet, a scarf and a coat.

The incident was discovered when a wedding guest from out of town went to retrieve his coat and discovered that his wallet, which he had left in his coat pocket, was missing. Understanding that he was the victim of a robbery, he approached the manager of the hall and asked if they could review surveillance footage.

That same evening, the man noticed a charge on his credit card from a non-kosher food establishment, located just around the corner from the Razag hall. The victim cancelled his credit cards, then called 911 and filed a police report.

Later on, when reviewing the surveillance camera footage, the perpetrators were discovered.

Two white males are seen coming out of the hall and approaching the dozens of coats out in the hallway. Together, they go through each and every coat pocket. Of the two, one is a familiar face in Crown Heights, while the other seems to be new to the neighborhood.

The duo spent over two minutes going through the coats that were hanging on the mechitzah and under the stairs – and one can be seen pocketing the wallet that was reported stolen. That same one then picks up a coat that does not appear to belong to him and puts in on, while the other takes a scarf.

As the pair exits the hall, the one who took the wallet is seen asking a man for ‘tzadakkah.’ The man happily obliges and gives him a dollar.

“People cannot assume that their belongings are safe just because they are in the building,” said a worker at Razag. “A safer bet would be to leave one’s coat at the coat check. There they are ensured that their coats and belongings will be there when they are ready to leave.”

Earlier this year, another panhandler was apprehended after he was captured on surveillance video stealing an iPad at a wedding that was taking place in Oholei Torah.

If any reader recognizes one of both of these thieves, please notify Shomrim immediately by calling (718) 774-3333. There are open police reports against them and they will be immediately arrested. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO.

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  1. I don’t recognize these two ganavim, but they’re far from the only ones out there. There’s a fellow who comes to our door about once a month who is not even Jewish but people give him money all the time. There are some others fraudsters out there too.

  2. Amazing video. They were doing it in front of others. It looked like they were looking for their coats. That is why it may not have raised suspicion. However a few people did give them look s like what are they doing??

  3. they may have been desperate or some other story
    dont judge someone else until you are in their shoes.
    Hashem is the ultimate judge
    dan likaf zchus
    dont take chancs and put your wallet in your coat and hang it in a public place -like #2 comments correctly

  4. I hope they steal from you next. I wonder if you’ll be dan lecaf zchus so fast.
    What these miscreants did, was terrible. They should be arrested immediately. If you see them doing “petty” crime, you can be sure they are doing a lot worse.

  5. not good enough to be dan lkaf zechus (oif yenems cheshbon) do a gevaldik act of matan beseser and leave YOUR wallet in YOUR coat and place it just there, there may just be someone desperately in need!and then ask your rov a shaaloh and chakirah if you were yotzeh the mitzvah as the nesinah was in YOUR pocket and not in mekabels pocket!


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