Video: Pekudei – Not All Badim Are Created Equal

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The following shiur was delivered by Rabbi Shloime Pollak, Daf Yomi maggid shiur at the Sterling Forest Beis Medrash in Lakewood.

Over and over again, we find a difference between the Baddim that were made to carry the Aron and the Mizbeach HaChitzon (in the courtyard), vs. the Baddim that were made for the Shulchon and Mizbeach HaPinimi….

In Parshas Pekudei, the Baddim of the Shulchon and Mizbeach HaPinimi, are NOT EVEN MENTIONED….only the Baddim of the Aron and the Mizbeach HaChitzon are discussed….

In Parshas Terumah and Tetzaveh, the Torah tells us to make the Baddim, and in the case of the Arom and Mizbeach HaChitzon- to insert them, but not by the other two…

In Parshas VaYakheil, when they made the Baddim, we see that difference again…

In Bamidbar, the Baal HaTurrim points out, that by the Aron and Mizbeach HaChitzon it says  “ושמו בדיו” whereas the other two it says “ושמו את בדיו”…….

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