Video, Photo: MK Aryeh Deri Visits Yonatan Ezrayon, Wounded Hero from Today’s Petach Tikva Terror Attack

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  1. These people are Tzadikim. Their Emunah & Bitachon that they express in their most difficult time, is a source of strength for all of Am Yisroel. There is no question that it causes a nachas ruach by the Borie Olam! Yonatan should have a refuah shilaima.

  2. Thank you…we dont need heroes anymore! ,Time to STOP THE BLOODSHED!!!
    How long do we have to wait for something drastic to be done? I guess until it hits home Bibi…well, this is home .Every day jewish blood is being spilled , and what? We just go on and wait for the next HERO???
    This is absolute madness!!!!

    • if we want it to stop then the nation needs to return to HASHEM with pure teshuva from the heart (not the personal yom kippur teshuva) with Achdus & Bein adam Lachaveiro


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