Video, Photos: 10,000 Daven at the Kever of Yehoshua Bin Nun On His Yahrtzeit

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About ten thousand people gathered last night in Kif al Harat, in the West Bank, to visit and daven at the ever of Yehoshua Bin Nun and the nearby kevorim of Yehoshua’s father, Nun, and Calev Ben Yefuneh.

The IDF was ever-present, closing down a portion of the Arab village so that Yidden can daven at the site safely.

The building of the kever is very small, but Yidden crowded in and around the structure to pour out their hearts to Hashem in the zechus of one of Klal Yisroel‘s greatest leaders.


  1. Please stop saying “West Bank”. The term is used by those who want to take our land from us. Using it makes it look like we agree with them.

  2. it is funny- the term indicates “West Bank” means west of the Jordan River- land that is ours- even according to the original partition plan- in truth, it was Jordan occupying the land until it was liberated in 1967

  3. The Qever was noted and venerated at least 1,500 years before those in Poland, Ukraine, and Queens. That’s why. As was the Qever Kalev, Y’hoshua’s general. And a principal reason why the Shechem area was intermittently called “‘Ir ha-Qodesh Sh’khem” – often with a picture of the Qever (as well as Yosef’s). See the fine write up and illustrations in Ber’s sefer Mqomos Qdoshim b’Eretz Yisrael.

  4. Compelling source, documentation and data are presented. You might also be interested to know how lazy skepticism affects one’s spirituality. Review the Rasag, Emunot v’Day’ot, Pereq Sheni.


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