Video, Photos: 2,000 Families Take Part in Moadim L’Simcha Yom Tov Food Distribution – A Massive Success and Kiddush Hashem


moadim-lsimcha[Video and photos below.] Yesterday, the Moadim L’Simcha Yom Tov food distribution took place in Lakewood, NJ. It was an amazing and inspiring scene as some 2,000 families – and about 1,700 from Lakewood alone – took advantage of this wonderful effort designed to assist rabbeim, large families and others in advance of the upcoming Yom Tov of Pesach by providing food necessities at cost price.

Moadim L’Simcha, a project of Tomchei Shabbos of Lakewood, set up their operation in the parking lot of Lake Terrace Hall, off of Oak Street, and cars pulled up between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m. After signing in and receiving a list of the products they had previously ordered over the phone, the families went from section to section to receive their items, such as matzoh, grape juice, chicken, eggs, paper goods and much more.

A cadre of volunteers – selfless individuals looking for no recognition – ensured that the distribution went smoothly.

“I have no words to express my hakoras hatov,” one participant told “All I can say is that this was one giant kiddush Hashem. Moadim L’Simcha ensures that families like mine can celebrate Yom Tov affordably.”

In years past, the families that participated in the Moadim L’Simcha service faxed in their orders, which were then processed by the project’s volunteers. This year, for the second time, a phenomenal phone system was set up by Arosa Media Inc., allowing the families to call in and place their orders through an automated program. The system then produced organized spreadsheets, allowing the project organizers to place the orders more easily and efficiently.

“From the fabulous automated call-in system to the organized pick-up, this Yom Tov‘s project was just something outstanding,” the participant said. “I thank all my fellow choshuveh Lakewooders who gave of themselves to make this happen. Mi ke’amcha Yisroel. What a special town I merit to live in.”

To view video clips of the food distribution, click below:

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For photos, see below:

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  1. Its a great thing to support poor people especially around yom tov time.
    But it is a GREAT ‘bizoyin HaToirah’ that Rabbeiyim of OUR children are not paid enough so that they have to stand on line to recieve
    ‘yom tov peck’lach’.
    Nothing to be proud of!
    Once again, its a great mitzvah, but….

  2. Hashem should bless any one, and every one involved. This is such a help to the Lakewood community. Amazing!! Chag Kosher V’samach to all.

  3. The rebeim are not paid enough because parents have to go on a cruise or a hotel for yomtov. Don’t blame them. Look at all the jewish newspapers advertising it with a yeshivishe spin. Entertainment and shiurim. Tens of millions of dollars spent on future earthquakes. A hard lesson to learn. Come home to EY. As much as you want to believe it, Lakewood and Miami are not Yerushalayim.

  4. To: Come home to EY

    So there we’ll send you some pecklach.
    And if the peckel is not big enough, we’ll see you here collecting for the infamous ‘hachnasas kallah’, which according to halacha you can attach to any kind of financial need.

  5. anonymous, i was also wondering how i can be ‘invited’ to this…….. My husband is not a rebee, but we cannot afford many basics, none of my kids got new shoes for yom tov, and only two children got half outfits (vests, etc) and today I went shopping for my first batch of pesach food and it was 300 without chicken or fish, or matza, grape juice etc. !!!!!! There are many people who are not rebeim, husbands have jobs, dont’ have cleaning ladies, don’t get new clothes, etc and are still not maknig it. If anyone knows how one can avail themselves of all these wonderful things, please post. Thank you

  6. It is absolutely amazing how efficient everything was this year! The computer system really was a hit! Everything was so organized and the lines moved so fast!

  7. Moadim L’simcha provides cases of food at wholesale (cost) prices. Generous vendors provide food at cost price and generous sponsors help cover the overhead of this enormous operation.
    Mi Ke’amcha Yisrael!

  8. um, probably the rabbeim aren’t paid enough because most people cannot afford full tuition, so even when all those going on a cruise give very generously theres still not enough money.


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