Video, Photos: Car Overturns on Madison Ave in Lakewood, Shutting Roadway

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A two-car accident shut down Madison Avenue in Lakewood, NJ, this afternoon.

The crash took place near the intersection of Ninth Street, in front of The Concord and Aisle 9, around the corner from the Bais Aron and Bais Shalom botei medrash of Beth Medrash Govoha.

One of the vehicles overturned and one individual was hurt. The roadway was closed as police and paramedics worked at the scene.


crash-1 crash-2 crash-3 crash-4 crash-5 crash-7 crash-8 crash-9




  1. The traffic was horrible, the panic was preciptious and the calmkeik was palbebel. I almost miss minyom but b””h I was there before kedusha.

  2. Wow, mamesh shticky. Very cool pictures. I love picture #5. You have the guy with the white shirt crossing the street with his hands in his pockets. Obviously the guy is cold. That makes sense. It’s in middle of the winter and it’s cold ouside. So why didn’t the chuchum put on a jacket, at least? He mistama thought that he’ll go out for 2 seconds to check out the matzav, give his input, and then return to wherever he came from. Ah bissel seichel. Today’s kids are nuts. Nu nu. Who am I to talk?

  3. It would reduce anxiety to those who only read the headlines, if you would write “a Lakewood First-aid ambulance……..”


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