Videos, Photos: Chaos in Geulah as Police Try to Quell Hafganos

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{ Israel/Photos: Bechadrei Chareidim}


  1. It has become impossible for a yrei shamayim to enjoy Matzav.

    We have filtered internet with Matzav whitelisted as an acceptable site. Yet, increasingly, Matzav is simply listing links to outside sites including the notorious YouTube which is the avi avos of tumah!

    We no longer get to see the geshmake videos. We missed any and all news about the Republican debate. And now we get a headline about a pogrom in Geulah with no pictures or video behind it.

    Please remind me why we love Matzav!?

  2. Can you please explain to me what is going on and why? I do not understand the screaming and yelling. Neither do I speak Hebrew. I speak Yiddish & English.


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